Skinny jeans may cause rash on your legs

Hot Weather Alert:

If your legs become red, irritated or bumpy, the reason may be your skinny jeans. These jeans may look hot, but they could be causing red, itchy bumps or pimples.

When you move in your jeans, the jeans fabric has friction with our skin. This friction causes irritation in the tighter parts. In hot weather or when we have physical activity, we sweat more that worsens the problem and may cause folliculitis or other rash, bumps and pimples on your skin.

When you have this problem, don’t wear those jeans for couple of days. You can also use warm water compress on top of the folliculitis few times a day for few days. In addition, if you apply over the counter skin antibiotics, it resolves the issue faster. Also it’s better to apply moisturizer on your skin before wearing your jeans.
If the problem persists after couple of days, you may want to see your doctor.