Sleep Better Without Drugs: DIY Natural Sleeping Pills

Sleep Better Without Drugs: DIY Natural Sleeping Pills

Sleep Better Without Drugs: DIY Natural Sleeping Pills

One of the most stressful sleeping disorders that people deal with is insomnia. Staying awake all night, wondering why you can’t fall asleep sometimes results in an increased anxiety about not sleeping and therefore wakes your body even more. It is a cycle that is tough to break, and people often turn to medication to do so. However, with the constant rising cost of medications, both over the counter and prescription, it is possible to formulate a DIY natural sleeping pills to help get some much needed rest.

Sleep Better Without Drugs- DIY Natural Sleeping Pills

Medical sleeping aids can come with harmful side effects that are not present when using natural remedies. Remedies such as Herbal Bedtime Tea, Valerian and Hops Tincture, and Dandelion Pain Relief and Sleep Capsules can help promote sleep without causing side effects or costing too much money.

How Can Natural Remedies Help Sleep?

According to Dr. Philip Fritchey, herbal remedies, also called nervines, support the nervous system’s health while also relieving pain. Because the nervous system is used as the communication hub of the body, it needs to be in good shape in order to function properly.

Additionally, adaptogenic herbs increase the human body’s resistance and resilience to anxiety and natural stress, which keeps the body from reaching the point of collapse. Paired with sedatives, adaptogenic herbs help encourage the quality and quantity of sleep. This is a safe and effective way to reduce anxiety while calming down stress and the mind. In turn, one is able to wake up refreshed with a healthy body and mind.

Some sleeping aids that are sold over the counter come in liquid form for quick absorption into the body. However, this recipe for a natural sleeping pills is made for a capsule. This makes it easier to carry with you, especially if you are using the capsule to target pain relief.

Recipe for Natural Sleeping Pills

These can be made and inserted into 00 gelatin or vegetable capsules, preferably using organic, wild herbs.