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Here’s Why Your Good Guy Isn’t Good for You

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Here's Why Your Good Guy Isn't Good for You

Here’s Why Your Good Guy Isn’t Good for You

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Infatuation is a funny thing. Everything is sunshine and rainbows in the beginning, but in the throes of the “honeymoon” phase with a new beau, it can be very easy to become blind to small red flags. The following small warning signs can help you know if your “good guy” really might not be quite so good for you after all.

Here's Why Your Good Guy Isn't Good for You

He engages in “mate guarding”

Keeping body contact at all times, being a flesh satellite, barking at other men who breathe your air. Plenty of guys out there subscribe to that macho “claim your woman” philosophy that’s been plastered all over the media, and truthfully, that’s why so many guys aren’t worth spending more than 15 seconds on. Guys are truly secure in their value won’t be so insecure that they can’t handle you interacting with other male humans.

He’s afraid to disagree with you

If your good guy doesn’t have his own opinions, he’s either a coward or a liar; you don’t want these types of men to be your significant other. Men who are confident and dependable won’t sacrifice what they believe in just to appease you, and men who believe in nothing can’t be counted on at all.

He compares himself to other guys a lot

A man who is self-assured isn’t fixated on what all of the other guys are doing with their lives; instead, he is fully dedicated to his mission and purpose. A valuable man brings other men of value up, instead of tearing them down to feel better about himself.

He’s $exually insecure

If you and your man aren’t on the same love wavelength, then this will inevitably become a real problem down the line that can’t be ignored. You and your man need to be able to have an honest, mutual understanding about what your physical desires and limits are; if he can’t have that kind of conversation, he’s probably not mature enough to handle other matters.

He is boring and never takes initiative

Imagine a life without ever having any pleasant surprises – that’s what you get from a man who constantly needs you to give him instructions on how to entertain you. You want a man who can sweep you off of your feet and show you new worlds, not a man who is too lacking in creativity to entertain himself and doesn’t know how to plan things independently.

He talks more about people than things and ideas

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A man who relies on other people to fuel his topics of conversation is a man who is absolutely void of real conversational currency. Men of the world have opinions on matters that actually matter, not just petty gossip.

He has a symbiotic relationship with his mother

A man with a codependent relationship with his mother is a man who never grew out of the cradle. Eventually, this type of man will attempt to make you his surrogate mother to fill the void of his biological mother’s absence; it’s safe to say that you’ll be happier with a real man than you will with an overgrown toddler.

He has no hobbies

Men who are interesting and accomplished will always have pursuits that are separate from the things that they’re merely obligated to do. You want to be with a man who knows how to savor all different flavors of life and better himself through unique experiences, not a man who basically only exists to consume and complain.

The things he says sound scripted

Do you feel like conversation with your man can flow naturally, or does it seem like the things he says are pre-planned and measured? A man who can speak freely and smoothly is generally more confident and dependable than a man who has to overthink and script his words in the hopes that people approve of him.

He can’t deal with waiting for text messages

If he sends 5 text messages before you send 1 reply, he’s desperate and doesn’t have anything else going on. Proceed with extreme caution.

No other women are interested in him

If you go to a new restaurant and see that no other cars are in the parking lot, what does that tell you? Your partner’s relationships with other woman are like a review page. You can go and eat at a 1-star restaurant if you want to, but don’t be surprised when the roaches come out.

The things that make a good guy seem “good” can oftentimes just be overcompensation for a lack of confidence and neediness. When push comes to shove always choose a man who is confident and honest over a man who is attached to your hip, constantly vying for your approval and insecure.

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