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The Hidden Trait That Determines Romantic Attraction

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The Hidden Trait That Determines Romantic Attraction

The Hidden Trait That Determines Romantic Attraction

Romantic attraction refers to an emotional response felt by a person. It usually produces a longing to be with the other person who the attraction is felt towards. The hidden trait of mindfulness can determine romantic attraction, especially for women.

The Hidden Trait That Determines Romantic Attraction

You sit down with another person, look into their eyes and think about all the good qualities in your companion. He is attentive as you tell him a story about your day. He is good-looking, smart, and fun to be around; but he also possesses the hidden quality of mindfulness. The attribute of mindfulness can inadvertently increase attractiveness. Your companion returns your gaze and you feel as if he is listening carefully and totally to your words.

We all have the inherent need to feel heard. When telling a story or sharing something about ourselves, we want our companion to truly listen to us. Interesting results of a cross-sectional study have shown us females are attracted to males who demonstrate this quality of mindfulness. On the other hand, males’ judgment of attractiveness was related to physical attractiveness and independent of mindfulness.

The character trait of mindfulness can go a long way in creating an attraction between two people. It may also help with communication in long-term relationships. Any relationship expert will tell you being mindful and demonstrating good listening skills are essential to connecting with another person. Relationships built on trust and communication is usually lasting relationships. Communication does not always begin with speaking. Speaking and listening is what creates a high-quality foundation for effective communication.

When someone feels as if they are heard; they believe that their thoughts and feelings are important. Deep trust and confidence in the other person is the natural result. It is natural to feel attracted to someone when you trust them. Mindfulness may also be associated with better physical and mental health. Happy and healthy individuals may seem more attractive.

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How does a person go about being more mindful? They should stop talking on the outside and on the inside. An amazing thing happens when the chatter from your mouth and your brain ceases. There is immense concentration on what the other person is saying. Some experts suggest practicing mindfulness by taking deep breaths and just “being.”

Someone who is able to be mindful of others is able to achieve insights into the nature of the other person. They can figure out what makes the other person happy, sad, fearful, excited, and so on. When one person is meeting another person’s needs by their mindfulness, they will seem more attractive.

When someone is being mindful, they are truly in the present moment and are able to let go of any other chatter that may be happening inside or outside the mind. They aren’t multi-tasking or worrying about the past or future. They aren’t making judgments or evaluating what the other person is saying. The events of the past or present aren’t creating boundaries between them and the other person.

A person who is mindful is able to control emotions and responses to emotions, making the individual appear more confident and attractive. A mindful listener is able to focus on the other person’s words instead of their own ideas and perceptions. It is easy to be around someone who is not passing judgments.

Besides kindness, good-looks, intelligence and so on, mindfulness just might be the starting point to a great relationship.

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