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The World’s Oldest and Youngest Mothers

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The World’s Oldest and Youngest Mothers

World’s Oldest and Youngest Mothers
By PositiveMed-team
Edited By Stephanie Dawson

One thing that differentiates biological females from biological males is the ability to give birth. Most of the time infants are conceived by females aged 20-40. In rare cases there are successful births to those much older or younger. Today’s article will discuss the world’s youngest and oldest mothers.

World’s youngest mother

Lina Medina doctorThe youngest woman to successfully give birth to a child is Lina Medina. Lina was born in Peru and gave birth to a boy child when she was 5 years 7 months and 17 days old. She is still alive and at present lives in the capital city of Peru, Lima. Experts say that Lina was born with a rare condition known as precocious puberty. In this condition early onset of puberty takes place and sexual organs of the body develop early. When Lina started displaying signs of pregnancy her parents thought that she had a large tumor in her stomach. When nothing worked as a cure for this her father took her to the hospital where it was confirmed she was pregnant. Lina gave birth to a boy on May 14, 1939, coincidentally Mother’s Day. To much surprise Lina and her son were in good health and were discharged from the hospital only after a few days. The doctor who helped Lina deliver her child was Dr. Lozado. Following this birth many were curious and the case of Lina was deeply studied. Lina had developed full breasts and pubic hair at 4 years old, her menstrual cycle started at 8 months old.

Lina Medina young

Lina’s son was named Gerardo to show respect towards the doctor who attended Lina’s pregnancy. Gerardo died in 1979 at the age of 40 from bone marrow disease, it is not clear if his disease had any association with the young age of his mother at the time of his birth.

Please note that this fact is a well-known medical textbook classic and it’s been approved by many scientific organizations, such as American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

World’s oldest mother

Rajo Devi lohanThe world’s oldest mother is Rajo Devi lohan who gave birth to a baby girl at 70 years old. Rajo is a resident of a remote village in India and is still alive. She went through expensive IVF treatment to deliver the baby, taking out a loan to pay expenses. Rajo says that giving birth to her daughter Naveen at this age amidst the complications has made her live longer. She wants to live long enough to see Naveen get married. Rajo states she is not worried about Naveen’s future, as being the only child she will inherit all her property including land in India. Per Rajo, after the birth of Naveen she is actually feeling better and wants to live until she gets Naveen married. Rajo’s husband married her sister in view of the fact that Rajo cannot give him a child.
Rajo says when she would see other children she felt sad so she took this life-threatening step to conceive in the twilight years. Rajo adds that when her daughter was born, everyone in the village celebrated and was very happy. Rajo says if the intent of doing something is strong enough, nothing is impossible and everything can be managed.

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