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9 Things You Wouldn’t Think Make Men Crazy About Women

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9 Things You Wouldn't Think Make Men Crazy About Women

9 Things You Wouldn’t Think Make Men Crazy About Women

For nearly all men, a woman’s appearance is only one of the initial factors that makes her “attractive.” For a man to develop a deeper psychological attraction to a woman, there are many other important attributes that make men crazy about a woman. These aspects of a woman’s personality are just as, if not more important to men-this is especially when they are considering committing to a long-term relationship with a woman.


1. Her Confidence

Confidence is an intangible quality-it’s a mix of physical attributes like posture and stride, as well mental attributes like speaking your mind. According to a Psychology Today article at a deeper level, both men and women are attracted to confidence because it projects a higher status in society. It’s a quality that has nothing to do with wealth, appearance, or having the latest clothes, it shows a strong sense of self-worth.

2. The Way She Walks

A woman’s walk presents confidence, independence, and a small hint of her passionate side to the world. A graceful walk signifies status and vitality, which are two traits men and women are hard-wired to seek in potential partners.

3. How She Treats Them


While there is a ton of bad dating advice that recommends you occasionally treat your partner poorly, these kind of psychological mind games are a turn-off for men, and eventually can turn into a “red flag” that makes them end a relationship. As much as you might want to please someone, they should want to make you happy, too-if they don’t, it’s a problem. Quite simply, warmth is much more attractive than coldness or aloofness.

4. Fun

People enjoy positive people more than they enjoy so-called “Negative Nancies.” It unconsciously speaks to a woman’s vitality, because fun is more associated with youth than old age. Luckily, because fun is an attitude, it doesn’t matter how old you are if you are still “young at heart.”

5. Independence

Independent women are attractive to men, because they have a higher status than someone who is needy or who needs constant attention.

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6. Her Passions

Though you probably know a few people who you find boring, if you found out about their hobbies and passions, you might start to think differently about them. People literally speak differently when they talk about things they care about.

If you’ll indulge me for a minute, I was once at a party where I listened to a girl talk about ballet for nearly an hour. Normally, this would have been nightmare to me-I have no particular interest in ballet, or dance in general. But her passion was so evident in her voice that it made her compelling and attractive. By the way, we’re engaged now.

7. Her Femininity

Like they say, opposites attract. A man is naturally attracted to the elements of a woman that are foreign to him-her gentleness, sweetness, and complexity. Which isn’t to say you can’t watch sports, but a good relationship is like a puzzle, where two people complete parts of each other.

8. Sense of Humor

A good sense of humor is the kind of quality you mostly notice when it’s absent. I’ve had several friends who developed relationship problems because they always seemed to accidentally offend their significant other with an offhand remark. “I was just joking,” they’ll say, “but she got all bent out of shape about it.” Willingness to laugh, especially at yourself, is a sign of status that people find very attractive.

9. Imperfections

There’s a line in a recent Top 40 hit about “all your perfect imperfections.” Every man understands that line. There are so many things about a woman does that you can find attractive for no rational reason. Maybe like my fiance, she occasionally snorts when she laughs. Maybe she snores, or she’s a little clumsy sometimes. People who seem too perfect can be intimidating, and it can be hard to let loose around them.

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