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Natural Moisturizer That Changed My Life Forever

Natural Moisturizer That Changed My Life Forever

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It is difficult to find a natural moisturizer for acne-prone skin, because many of the moisturizers that really hydrate the skin have pore-clogging oils in them, which aggravates acne. The oil cleansing method has become a popular way to cleanse oily skin that is actually supposed to reduce the amount of sebum that the skin creates. One of the best oils to use for this is hemp seed oil.

The basic concept of the oil cleansing method is that massaging oil onto your skin will dissolve the existing oil that the body has created and has hardened in the pores. Using steam will open pores, which lets the oil come out easily.

Hemp seed oil, in particular, is not only perfect for doing the oil cleansing method but it is also a great moisturizer for skin that is prone to acne. It has a zero rating on the comedogenic scale, meaning it won’t clog pores while moisturizing the skin. As it is not too greasy and easy to use topically, some people report that they have seen an improvement in their acne scars from using it.

What Is Hemp Seed Oil?

This oil is made from cold pressing hemp seeds. Hemp seed oil is high in Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, antioxidants, vitamin A, and health-beneficial minerals. Hemp seed oil is light green in color, due to its significant amount of chlorophyll.

Why Is Hemp Seed Oil a Great Natural Moisturizer?

Hemp seed oil is great for moisturizing the skin as well as for treating acne flare-ups. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the redness on the skin is reduced and irritation begins to fade. Hemp seed oils also promote the healing of acne. Because it also has antioxidants in it, hemp seed oil protects the skin from free radical damage as well.

Type Of Hemp Seed Oil

It is important to purchase high-quality hemp seed oil, due to the fact that it can oxidize easily and go stale. It is also important to purchase organic, cold-pressed, unrefined oils that come in an opaque container, protecting the oil from damaging the light.

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How To Moisturize With Hemp Seed Oil

Begin with a clean face and clean hands. Use a teaspoon of hemp seed oil to lightly massage the face, getting the moisture needed on each part. Let the oil soak in for at least 20 minutes before patting your face dry with a towel. This will leave some oil behind, which will help to continue to fight acne throughout the day.

How To Cleanse With Hemp Seed Oil

If you are already used to doing the oil cleansing method, replace your current oil with hemp seed oil. Use clean hands to massage one teaspoon of hemp seed oil all over the face. Then, steam your face with a warm washcloth for one minute, which will open the pores. After this, use a clean warm washcloth to wipe away the oil from the face.

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Hemp seed oil can also be used to remove makeup using the same method. Makeup comes off easily using hemp seed oil, without leaving the makeup behind to clog pores.

Storing Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil should be stored in a cool and dark place, such as your refrigerator. This will help the hemp seed oil from becoming rancid during its oxidation processes.

Skin becomes noticeably clearer and more moisturized with the use of hemp seed oil. The skin will be reduced in redness and retain more moisture. This is a great natural way to keep your skin healthy without causing any damage.

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