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No, He Doesn’t Plan Future With You…Here’s Why

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No, He Doesn't Plan Future With You...Here's Why

No, He Doesn’t Plan Future With You…Here’s Why

Maybe you have just met someone and you are starting to think that maybe this time is the real deal. But then again, maybe you also have your doubts, even if you don’t want to look too closely at them for fear of getting hurt. If you do not want to get frustrated later, check out this list of telltale signs a guy doesn’t plan future with you.

No, He Doesn't Plan Future With You...Here's Why

1) You only hear from him late at night or at the last minute.
It is never pleasant to realize you’re being used. But what is less pleasant is putting off realizing it when deep inside, you know the truth.

If he only seems to have time for you at the last second or late at night, it is more likely boredom than love that motivates him to reconnect.

2) He frequently brings up past relationships.
There are many reasons guys bring up their exes. Perhaps he is still getting over her, or maybe he is just trying to keep you at arm’s length.

If he is thinking about someone else while you are together, he’s not really “with” you.

3) He keeps his cell phone under lock and key.
No one can force someone to be ready to commit before they are ready (and heaven knows you’ve probably tried)!

A particularly reliable sign that he really isn’t ready to think about the big “C” is if his phone is completely off-limits to you.

4) He keeps his time with you totally separate from the rest of his life.
A guy’s gotta have some “guy time,” and this can be healthy in a relationship.

But when you are never included even when other couples will be present, it likely isn’t just guy time he is seeking when you are apart.

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5) He keeps trying to customize you to his liking.
It is just blissful to hear someone who is happily in love say, “He loves me for ME.”

If your guy criticizes your appearance or wants you to change jobs or stop talking politics, he isn’t interested in meeting the “real” you anyway.

6) He sometimes disappears for a week or two without explanation.
Who knows what he is doing when he disappears – and that is just the point! He is keeping secrets from you, and secrets never make a firm foundation for a healthy relationship.

7) He doesn’t want to stay over and he doesn’t want you to either.
If he’s eager to return to his own home and wants you to do the same, you can bet it isn’t the intimacy of a committed relationship that he’s after.

8) He isn’t supportive.
Some guys may seem confident, but they are insecure behind the scenes.

When a man gets jealous of your accomplishments or minimizes your talents and skills, this is a sign he isn’t confident enough in his own skin to be there wholeheartedly for someone else yet.

9) His words and/or actions frequently confuse you.
A guy that wants you all to himself will let you know in no uncertain terms.

If you spend hours rehashing your conversations or wondering “what he meant by that,” it is highly likely his intention wasn’t to make a commitment to you.

10) He isn’t there for you when you really need him.
Whether your dog died, you lost your job or you just need a hug, a man who wants to be with you in a relationship will show up when you need him too.

If he isn’t there when you need him to be – even when you clearly ask for support – then you don’t have a “keeper” in your life in him.

There is a reason many now-couples say that, when they were dating, finding the right relationship often felt like a part-time job. But they also say that, once they found the right person, all that hard work was worth it. If the man in your life isn’t holding up his end of the relationship, it is better to know and move on so you will be that much closer to find a partner who can love you for you!

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