Do This One Thing to Make Her Want You More

Do This One Thing to Make Her Want You More

Want to give her burning, hot love? My special potion is available on Amazon for just $9.95! Watch her swoon and fulfill your dreams tonight!Ha ha! Fooled you. If only a charm would compel someone to love you. How convenient that would be! But, like everything else, building a relationship and receiving satisfaction from it takes determination and effort.

Do This One Thing to Make Her Want You More

Have you ever met an excellent musician who didn’t practice? Neither have I. The same goes for building an emotional and physical relationship.

Yes. By now we are aware that women are hard-wired a bit differently than men are. For most men, the physical act of lovemaking can be a necessary experience. As my husband says, “It clears my head.”

Lovemaking may also fill the bill emotionally for a man. When men are stressed or upset or just happy – they will want to make love.
Because men seem to think about closeness a lot, we believe it must be related to testosterone levels. This is not the entire scenario. Men receive physical satisfaction, emotional closeness, reassurance and even transcendence at times, through love-making. It may well be a man’s deepest level of lovemaking.

Women need emotional connection before actual act, not during closeness. Many women feel that if their man was more emotionally attuned, they would have better satisfaction. The problems lie somewhat in societal expectations. Men are allowed few outlets for emotion in Western society. Anger and lovemaking pretty much cover the bases for acceptability. There is much emphasis on men being ‘strong’ and ‘self-sufficient’. Men are pressured to always be rational, practical thinkers, and closeness may be the only release from that tyranny.

For women, the bases are much broader. She is allowed free range to express emotional needs beyond this sparse societal suppression. Therefore, women sometimes see men as simply wanting hot moment and not wishing !nt!macy. Men need to learn other ways to express !nt!macy beyond $exuality, or women become burned out and turn off to advances. Women need men to communicate openly about other aspects of their relationship.
I hate to use this word, guys, but women are all about ‘feelings’. Emotional and physical feelings.

Don’t worry, I’m going to break it down for you, simple solution first.

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