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5 Super Food Duos

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5 Super Food Duos

5 Super Food Duos

Certain super food combinations would increase the benefits enormously . Some food combinations seem like they were meant to work together.

By adding duos to your diet a couple of times each week, your going to multiply the overall wellness effect.

Top 5 Food Combinations For Better Health

1. Vitamin C and Iron
Combining iron-rich foods (leafy greens, dried fruit, artichoke and legumes) with those packed with vitamin C (tomatoes, peppers, citrus and leafy greens) helps your body absorb iron more efficiently.

2. Green Tea with Lemon
Adding lemon juice to green tea increases the benefit of the powerful catechins green tea contains, making the tea five times stronger.

3. Avocados and Tomatoes
Eaten together these vegetables are extremely healthy for you.
Beta-carotene is proven to boost overall immunity, it’s three times more effective when combined with fresh avocado.

4. Dark Chocolate and Apples
Apples are rich in quercetin an anti-inflammatory crucial to heart health. Dark chocolate contains powerful antioxidants called flavonoids. Eaten in moderation, this pair forms a tasty snack that fights blood clots, improves circulation and reduces your chances of heart disease.

5. Bananas and Yogurt
Combining bananas and yogurt for better absorption of muscle-repairing glucose and amino acids. After strenuous physical activity this combination speeds up muscle recovery while adding strength.

It’s also very important to shed light on how we should not forget to eat more vegetables and drink more water throughout the day. Adding vegetables throughout your day will give your body extra Fiber and help your digestive system. Keeping hydrated throughout the day will positively impact every cell in your body.

Super foods pack a super punch when put into combinations! Eat a combo at least twice a week to supercharge your health. What a delicious way to eat healthier! Guacamole, apples and nutella, Greek yogurt with honey and bananas, green tea with lemon, and artichokes and peppers, going to need to find a recipe for that combo, I can’t wait!

Edited by: Ellie July 31st 2014

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