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Top 3 Ways to Combat Thigh Chafing

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Top 3 Ways to Combat Thigh Chafing

Top 3 Ways to Combat Thigh Chafing

Thigh chafing is happens quite often in the summer to women whose thighs touch, whether they are overweight or have normal weight. Thigh chafing can cause great pain and make life a hassle for certain women, as it isn’t so easy for them to wear shorts, dresses, and other items in the summer. In order to help women out there struggling with this, the article links a video underneath it from Jessica Procini, where she lists 3 top ways to combat thigh chafing for women of all sizes.


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The video starts off by introducing the main causes of thigh chafing and who particularly experiences it the most. Thigh chafing can cause excruciating pain that is similar to a 3rd degree burn, which is what then moves the video into the three best tips to combat the issue. These tips including using products like Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm, spreading olive oil between the thighs in the shower and then washing on excess, and lastly, purchasing bandelettes to slip on each thigh. Bandelettes look very much like lingerie and are a very $exy alternative to the other tips, as they look great while getting rid of the chafing!


Be sure to watch the actual video to find out more:

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