6 Body Parts You Should Never Touch With Your Hands

6 Body Parts You Should Never Touch With Your Hands

Body parts we like to touch . It’s a great way to gather information on an object. However, sometimes it’s not necessary. Take your body for instance. Chances are you know yourself in and out, so why do you keep putting your hands all over it?

Body Parts You Should Never Touch With Your Hands

According to new research, the hands are bursting with germs and microbes that get spread around your body as you bring your fingers to different places. This becomes even worse, says the University of Nebraska, when fingernails are kept two millimeters or longer.

That being said, you will inevitably have to scratch an itch. That’s why research has helped us identify the danger zones that you should always try to avoid touching.

The Underside of the Nails
Believe it or not, under your nails is a hotbed of bacterial growth. Including staph, lots of nasty little bugs live under there, waiting for the right time to transfer themselves to a place on your body where they can start to do some real damage. To prevent this, keep nails short and only clean the underside with a gentle nail brush. Picking at it creates trauma that can even lead to the nail detaching itself from the nail bed.

The Face
Acne is supposed to come to a halt after we leave our teenage years. However, fingers contain oils that plug up the pores, resulting in a continued streak of unwanted bumps. In addition, those that touch their faces tend to get sick more often due to the increased number of germs they inadvertently transfer to bodily openings. Including the eyes, mouth and nose, germs transferred to the face have no problem finding a way in.

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