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Don’t Do This In The Morning: It’s Full Of Toxins

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Don't Do This In The Morning: It’s Full Of Toxins

Don’t Do This In The Morning: It’s Full Of Toxins

While we may never even consider eating food that has been left out all night, sometimes keeping that glass of water next to the bed is an easy and convenient way to quench your middle-of-the-night thirst, or early morning need for water. We figure water can’t go bad, so letting it sit out all night is fine for our health. However, it always tastes just a bit different when it is not fresh. This is a warning sign that it may not be as safe as you think. Water should be essentially tasteless in its most pure form. So if it tastes slightly off, it means that foreign molecules have entered the liquid, or the composition of the liquid has changed.

Worst Thing You Do to Your Body in The Morning

Because water does not have the proteins or sugars that food has to target microbes, it doesn’t mean that other bacteria does not accumulate in a glass of water over time. When water is left out in open air, it absorbs CO2, which can be converted into carbonic acid. This, in turn, changes the chemical composition of the water. This changes the taste of the water by lowering the pH level throughout the night. Some subtle, mild chemical changes happen to the water over time, which can make the water slightly more acidic by changing its composition.

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A glass of water that has been left on a bed stand overnight accumulates bacteria and dust from the air and It’s full of toxins. The water acts almost as a piece of tape in that anything that comes in contact with it sticks. The water absorbs everything in the air that it touches. While the water has not spoiled or gone bad, it is also no longer clean or pure. The slight increase in acidity in the cup of water is not harmful to your health, but water that is left out and exposed to air for a long period of time is able to accumulate bacteria, pollen, and dust that may become harmful to your health. It can even lead to the growth of mosquito larvae, mold, and algae if left for a prolonged amount of time.

Think of what standing water does in a tub or a sink. It leaves a ring of dust around it. This same thing happens in your cup as the night progresses, and when you take that first drink of water in the morning, all of that accumulation ends up in your body. If this adds up over time, it can certainly cause a negative reaction in your body, especially if you are allergic to certain molds or pollen.

Because water accumulates foreign microbes overnight, it is best to get a clean glass of drinking water every morning. If you like to keep water next to your bed, opt for a bottle of water that you can close off at night so it is not exposed to air. This will save your body the energy of having to fight off foreign substances that are not welcome.

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