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10 Effective And Fast Ways To Relieve Stress In 5 Minutes Or Less

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10 Effective And Fast Ways To Relieve Stress In 5 Minutes Or Less

10 Effective And Fast Ways To Relieve Stress In 5 Minutes Or Less

The average person experiences a fair amount of stress during the day. The pressure builds up to a boiling point. Some people explode while others silently fume. Stress leads to a number of health problems that are mental, physical, and emotional based. Therefore, it is vital to find a way to handle the stress. Certainly, a long vacation might help significantly. However, most people do not have the time to get away at a moment’s notice.

10 Effective And Fast Ways To Relieve Stress In 5 Minutes Or Less 2

Fortunately, there are 10 effective and fast ways to relieve stress in 5 minutes or less. Let’s take a closer look:

Breathe Deeply
People under stress tend to hold their breath or breathe very shallow. Holding the breath or shallow breathing places even more tension on the body and mind. Instead, take a moment to inhale deeply for about 5 minutes. Inhale energy through the nose and release slowly. Those deep breaths will revitalize the mind, body, and emotions.

Walk Off Stress
Get up and get outside. Go for a walk and breathe in the fresh air. The change of scenery should be enough to calm your mood.

Quick Meditation
Even a few minutes mediation is good for controlling stress. Go to a quiet place and simply relax in a chair. Close your eyes and try to get in touch with your inner-self. Start counting from 10 to 1. Take a few cleansing breaths. Count back up to 10.

Stretch Muscles
Stand up and stretch for 5 minutes. Here is a quick way to stretch. Stand up. Rise to toes and stretch your hands over head to the ceiling. Hold. Relax and bend slowly, reaching hands downward toward the floor.

Stress Ball
Stress balls are toys that help to relive pressure in a fun way. Simply squeeze the ball every time that you feel pressure. Stress balls are available in local stores and online.

Read a few funny jokes on comic websites. Read a comic strip in the paper. Watch a funny cartoon. Laugh until you feel the stress melt away.

Don’t just sit there fuming. Get up and scream. Well, don’t do it in the middle of the office or a crowded room. Go to a quiet place and just scream until you feel the tension ease.

Shoulder Roll
Stressed people hold a tremendous amount of tension in their shoulders and neck. Simply sit in your chair and roll the shoulders forward several times and backwards several times to release the pressure.

Massage the tension away with your own hands. Massage neck, shoulders, and arms for a few minutes.

Some essential oils are powerful stress busters. Apply a few drops of lavender oil to a tissue and inhale deeply. The oils should instantly calm and relax a stress mind and body.

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