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Fitness Program To Get A Better Booty In 30 Days

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Fitness Program To Get A Better Booty In 30 Days

Fitness Program To Get A Better Booty In 30 Days 

Only 30 days and minimal time to a sculpted booty? With a new exercise every day, it is not only true but fun. One of the hardest things about starting exercising is keeping with it. The 30-day challenge implements new and different workouts for your butty every day so it is easy to stay on track.

Fitness Program To Get A Better Booty In 30 Days

Days 1 through 5: start off easy as they all start by laying on the floor. Okay, it might not be that easy, but one can dream. Soon your heart rate will increase when you must swing your legs into the air or lift your booty and back of the floor in the kneeling back kick.

Days 1 through 5

While working with floor exercises, it is important that your base is firm when lifting arms and legs off the floor!

The kneeling back kick to side lift will test your alignment pulling you to one side. Keeping your shoulders and hips in alignment helps your base stay strong as well as keeping your integrity through the exercise.

During your first five days, you will tone and tighten as well as feel powerful with a kneeling roundhouse kick. When doing these roundhouse kicks imaging a challenge in your life and then kicking it away with a kick to the side, this is not only good for the body but good for the soul.The kneeling leg lift to isometric diagonal hold exercise works the butt as well as abs at the same time. Who doesn’t like two for one deal? Just keep thinking about those deals when you have to hold for 30 seconds. Laying on the floor doesn’t seem so easy now, after all, the different ways you can get your butty toned.

Days 6 through 10: utilizes a good old friend for a toned butt, the squat. Providing many variations of the classic squat will help fight exercise boredom. The squat with a diagonal reach exercise will help tone and stretch your arms along with your lower body. The squat to back leg uses different muscle groups in different ways to help provide a complete workout and muscle tone.

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Jumping for joy is always encouraged, especially on day 8 when it’s time for the squat jump. This full body exercise will especially make the booty burn. Squat side taps and squat lateral shuffle will test your balance ability while you try to keep yourself centered. The squat has been used for many years to strengthen and tone the lower body and for good reason. While sweating is almost a certainty with this exercise, a variation of these can be used to work since you do not need to get on the floor or use tools or weights. You may get some funny looks, but it will be well worth it in the end.

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Bringing strength and grace together though ballet is the challenge for days 11 through 15. Ballet dances have flexibility as well as great muscle tone. This can be achieved during this challenge by pulling in some of the classic ballerina moves. The bent squat and folded squeeze takes squats to a much more graceful movement. Although it may look easy, being graceful throughout the movements takes a lot of muscle control.


Staying light on your feet might also seem easy, but after a few reps of the plie squat on toes, your booty muscles will be challenged to keep working out. This is another great exercise that can be done at work or even while waiting in line. Moving into more of a full body workout is the arabesque. If you truly want to look and feel like a ballerina this is the move for you. Throughout all the days of the challenge, it is important to always keep your breathing in check. If you start to hold your breath it could cause increased blood pressure as well as feeling light-headed.

Time to step it up in days 16 through 20. Starting with the reverse lunge with the front kick will get your heart pumping, but adding a single leg deadlift is truly a workout for the motivated. Good balance is needed, which means a good core workout is on its way. A little imagination is needed for the chair pose, but at least, you will not take chairs for granted after day 18.


Days 21 through 25 introduces some lateral exercises that will test those butt muscles as well as abs. Who needs to take a trip to the ice rink when you can do the skating exercise in your own home? With a total of 50 skate reps required, you will be warm for sure, especially when you add in a cross torso floor touch. After all that movements it’s nice to do some balance holds and warrior III poses. These are a good exercise to take a moment and check in with your body and see what muscles may need a little more care.


Flexibility is challenged as well as gained as the 30-day challenge nears to an end. Side lunge to outer thigh leg lifts, double snap kicks and side kicks will most definitely increase flexibility while toning legs and butt. Using the butt to pull the legs into the air in the prior exercises, as well as the balancing back kick, will utilize the upper butt and lower back muscles. Getting back to the early days of this challenge, the plank walk-ups bring us back to the floor. Do not think that this is a time to relax, after almost a month it is an opportunity to finish out strong. Jumping jacks and power jacks on day 30 are a great way to celebrate the completion of the 30-day butt challenge.

The butt area is the focus of the workout, but that doesn’t mean other parts of the body are not engaged and worked as well. It is important that the other muscles in the body are engaged as this help for a complete healthy workout. This is achieved by using many different types of exercises to keep from falling into a muscle memory rut. Switch things up once and a while and your butt will be all the firmer for it.

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