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Funny Illustrations of Life Before and After Marriage

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Funny Illustrations of Life Before and After Marriage

Funny Illustrations of Life Before and After Marriage

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The “befores” and “afters” of our life might be easy to distinguish, but when we look at them written in a list it can seem like one or the other is better. Learning to value both periods of our lives is a trick for staying happy no matter what life brings you.


The same is true in marriage. The excitement and newness of dating takes us for emotional highs and lows. We get to enjoy learning and dreaming with a new person, imagining a life together. After marriage, though, we begin to live out those imaginations, and we learn what life looks like realistically.


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That vision of life, though, holds special moments and beautiful dreams all of it’s own. You get to move past the stress of needing to present yourself to a potential spouse and into the familiarity of living with a new family member. It’s a wonderful, and difficult, transition that brings many moments of laughter.



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There is an intrinsic transformation that happens after you get married. A seamless metamorphosis of thought and action that results in you feeling more comfortable and less stressed in the other person’s company. We’ve all heard the jokes about both men and women gaining weight after marriage, and sometimes it can seem like the romance has just worn off. These fun illustrations showcase that while life certainly is past the exciting dating stage, it by no means has moved into a period of dullness or mediocrity.




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