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Bloated? This Vitamin Can Flatten Your Tummy!

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Bloated? This Vitamin Can Flatten Your Tummy!

Bloated? This Vitamin Can Flatten Your Tummy!

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Bloating is characterized by an uncomfortably full feeling in the stomach and is caused by excess gas. Since most adults produce around three pints of gas per day, many people experience bloating at one time in their lives. However, some suffer more from this condition than others. People with irritable bowel syndrome often experience frequent pain caused by bloat.

This Vitamin Can Flatten Your Tummy!

While the exact causes of irritable bowel syndrome are unknown, recent studies have uncovered that irritable bowel syndrome may be linked to a deficiency in vitamin D. A 2011 study published in Therapeutic Advances in Gastroenterology found that vitamin D may alleviate symptoms associated with inflammatory bowel disease. Furthermore, the study found that people with a vitamin D deficiency were at a higher risk of developing colon cancer, while people with the highest levels of vitamin D in their blood had a low risk of developing the disease.

Eat More Eggs

There are several ways to make sure you are getting the recommended dose of vitamin D. One way to do this is by adding eggs to your diet. Egg yolks contain this key vitamin. Duck eggs and goose eggs both contain high levels of vitamin D, but chicken eggs also contain this vitamin.

Choose Wild-Caught Salmon

Wild Salmon contains a great dose of vitamin D. All fatty fish are rich in this nutrient, but wild salmon contains over the minimum amount of vitamin D recommended by the US RDA. A team out of Boston University found that farmed salmon does not hold the same benefits as the wild variety, so try to choose wild-caught whenever possible.

Don’t Hold Back on Mushrooms

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There is some good news for people who like mushrooms on their pizza. Mushrooms that are exposed to sunlight are another great source of vitamin D. Eating three button mushrooms will give you the recommended daily dose of vitamin D. Furthermore, the vitamin D found in mushroom is easy to absorb, and eating mushrooms is one of the most efficient ways to get enough vitamin D. Even cooked mushrooms have a great deal to offer. Eighty-five percent of the vitamin D in mushrooms is retained after the mushrooms have been fried. Vitamin D doesn’t break down in mushrooms until well after three months has passed.

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Enjoy the Sunshine

Of course, the number one way to get enough vitamin D is from sunlight. Ninety percent of the vitamin D we produce comes from exposure to the sun. Experts recommend ten to fifteen minutes of sun exposure to the arms and legs. Please note that if you have darker skin, you may need up to five times more sun exposure to get your recommended dose of vitamin D. In the most northern parts of the world, sunlight may be too weak to help your body produce vitamin D.

“The Surprising Vitamin that Stops Bloating”

In this video titled “The Surprising Vitamin that Stops Bloating,” you will learn that a study published in the Zero Belly Diet found that eighty-two percent of those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome are lacking in Vitamin D. The speaker encourages those watching to purchase eggs, mushrooms, and cold water salmon during their next visit to the local grocery store. He also stresses the importance of getting regular sunshine. Do you want to learn how to flatten your belly with a good dose of vitamin D? Watch the video and find out!


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