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One Thing You Should Skip to Make Your Horizontal Tango Way Hotter

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One Thing You Should Skip to Make Your Horizontal Tango Way Hotter

One Thing You Should Skip to Make Your Horizontal Tango Way Hotter

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Everyone knows that one way to enjoy closeness between a man and a woman is to take it slow. Every expert will also agree that taking one’s time and enjoying each other is one of the best ways to maintain a relationship. Now new research is saying that another way to enjoy each other healthily is to have closeness quickly.


Quick but Fun

Quick !nt!mate sessions don’t always get such a warm welcome. They aren’t traditionally thought of as romantic. They are instead thought of as something lessor, just a tease. But this is far from true. They have their own charm.

A quick session can liven up a routine relationship. They don’t need any planning. All you need is a little desire and a little privacy. You and your mate don’t even need to remove clothing! Nor does a quickie need to be just one type of touch. It can be just your hands, just a mouth or even just frantic touching and groping.

A Wild and Crazy Time

Think of your regular love-making life as a white tie gala. Each step and movement is well scripted and well thought out. Everyone involved knows the moves. They have probably danced those same steps more than once. It’s routine. It is also beautiful and enjoyable, a feast for the senses. But it’s not what you’d call wild.

Now think of a dance club. The dancers gyrate and move as they please. The costumes are crazy, the music is crazy and thumping. No one knows just what they will be doing in five minutes, let alone all night. It is definitely wild. You won’t go there every night. It would be too much. Dropping in once in a while gets your blood pumping in a way a gala never will.

Quick sessions are like that club scene. It’s wild and crazy, but so much fun. Interjecting that rush into your relationship can be just the thing for a more fulfilling love life.

No Planning Needed!

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Well, almost no planning. Women and men have slightly different response times. One thing that a quickie doesn’t have time for are typical foreplay sessions. Instead a person might do a little foreplay without any actually touching.

In this digital age we can use our tech toys to tantalize. Sending flirty texts and photos to your partner can act as a warm up. Your messages and photos need not be at the Penthouse confessional level of raunchy to be fun. A simple “Meet me for five minutes of fun. Don’t wear anything you love” will get anyone’s blood pounding.

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Women may want to use a commercial lubricant. That little kick-start can hurry things along. Good old fashioned fantasy can provide the rest. Don’t be afraid to approach your partner in a completely physical way. The idea is to show your appreciation for those parts of their body that you like while enjoying what your body is doing for them.

Afternoon Delight 101

These quick tips can help put some of the spontaneity back in your relationship.

  • Be tender. You shouldn’t think of a quick session as something that need not be sweet and loving. Take some time to caress and enjoy your partner. Tender touches in the frantic heat of the moment are a great way to connect.
  • Be novel. As our relationships mature our love lives can develop into a routine. It can be stifling. Trying new positions, new locations and new rhythms can bring that special something back to life. Novel times are also titillating. A quickie in the bathroom before one person leaves for work can put a snap into everyone’s step.
  • Select the right setting. Pick a place that isn’t the bedroom. The bedroom is for longer sessions. Pick somewhere that you both are comfortable but has a taste of the forbidden. Use props such as music or scent for extra sensual flair.
  • Use toys. Vibrating toys are a great way to up the ante. Direct and strong, they can quickly bring a session to a head. Toys can be used by either men or women. More adventurous couples can even use remote-controlled toys as their foreplay.
  • Have fun. A quickie doesn’t have to end with completion for both partners each time. But they do have to be enjoyable. Quick sessions on the sly are just made for being a couple’s shared secret.

Igniting the fires of passion takes time and effort. Quickies are a fun and fast way to build up that fire. They will not replace a long and lasting love-making session, nor should they be the only way you and your partner connect !nt!mately. Like a night at the club, quickies are best when enjoyed sparingly.


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