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Beet and Berries Smoothie

Beet and Berries Smoothie
Beet and Berries Smoothie

This is our version of beets and berries smoothie. It’s delicious, healthy and easy to prepare, and I bet if you try it once, you’d love it forever.

beet and berries smoothie

Top 3 health benefits of BEETS:

      Beets are strong cancer-fighters (due to their betacyanin content)
      Beets contain enormous amounts of vitamins, specially folic acid and minerals.
    Beets may fight against many heart issues.

Top 3 health benefits of BERRIES:

      Berries fight against memory loss.
      Berries are full of antioxidants that fight against free radicals and have anti-aging properties.
    Berries have strong anticancer properties.

Beet (1 mid-size, cooked & cooled)
Blueberries (1 handful)
Strawberries (1 handful)
Banana (Preferably ripe with brown dots)
Oatmeal (1/2 cup, cooked and cooled)
Milk (1.5 cups, Preferably coconut or almond milk)
Pistachios (optional)
Ice (optional)

To learn how to make perfect smoothie, visit this guide.

beet berries smoothie

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