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There Are 4 Types Of Men — And Only ONE Is Really Worth Your Time

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There Are 4 Types Of Men — And Only ONE Is Really Worth Your Time

There Are 4 Types Of Men — And Only ONE Is Really Worth Your Time

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The dating world is something women take more seriously now than they ever have before. Things are different than they were a hundred years ago. Not that women don’t need men to survive, they have the opportunity to be a little more choosy in who they settle down with. Whether the guy you’re interested in is just a friend, a special friend, a maybe-boyfriend or the right one for you, there are certain behaviors that indicate a person’s short and long term potential as a partner. Read on to learn more.


Just Friends

This guy is great. He texts to ask about how that big meeting at work went because he’s genuinely interested. He’ll come over at 11 pm and watch Netflix with you in your pajamas without ever trying to make it about something more. It’s easy to see how this fun loving good listener would make a great partner, but the bait is on the line and he just doesn’t seem to be biting. How do you proceed?

Verdict: Honesty is the best policy. If you tell your friend you’re interested and he reciprocates, great! If not, it’s best to move on. Friends are great people to have in your life. Some try to argue that a man and woman can’t simply be friends, but that’s quite clearly untrue. There are a number of reasons a guy friend might not want to change the relationship you two share, and just as you wouldn’t want to be forced to explain your ‘no’ answer, neither should he.

Friends With Benefits

If you’re fine with staying friends with benefits, your friend-with-benefits will more than likely remain fine with you. If you’re looking to turn the relationship into something more, however, serial daters of this type often run for the hills. After all, the entire purpose of the arrangement was to reap the benefits of a physical relationship without the emotional component. Is it worth it?

Verdict: If you’re fine with casual dating and sex, there’s nothing wrong with a friend with benefits. However, expecting a commitment out of an arrangement specifically based on a lack of obligation can be a fool’s errand. It can happen, but it’s rare, and you’re better off pursuing someone who wants the same level of emotional intimacy that you crave.

Sussing Out The Real Deal

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To say that “when you meet The One, you just know” is a little trite. However, guys who don’t want to keep you on the hook and who are serious about pursuing you both emotionally and physically will make themselves evident pretty quickly. They’re not slow to act – they want to take you out, get to know you and make you a part of their life. The caliber of their attention and affection will go well beyond that of a friend or friend with benefits. How do you know if he’s the right guy for you?

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Verdict: If he hits all the marks – he’s single, employed, enthusiastic about dating you, shares your interests and there’s a mutual attraction, he’s definitely someone worth considering. If you’re consistently excited to see him and spend time with him, there’s long term potential. If you get bored quickly, things might fizzle out, and that’s okay. It simply means he wasn’t the right person, and there are plenty of long term dating advice strategies you can try for next time.

The Love Of Your Life
This is the person you can’t live without. You finish each other’s sentences, you surprise each other with both little and big things to brighten each other’s days. He makes you appreciate the world in a new way and you can’t imagine a future without him in it. It almost seems weird that you haven’t known each other your whole lives. What now?

Verdict: While it’s always important to be careful with your heart, if you can sustain a joyful relationship like this one over time, there’s a good chance you’ve met your other half. Remaining honest, open, consistent and fair with your partner will provide you with a strong foundation as you continue to enjoy life with a partner who reciprocates your love and makes you feel great.


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