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How to Pick a Perfect Avocado

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How to Pick a Perfect Avocado

[Last Updated: July 28th 2013]

If you only go to the store on Tuesdays, and you are using an avocado on Thursday, how ripe should it be when you buy it? I found this to be very helpful, I once made the mistake of picking a ripe avocado up when I didn’t want to use it for a couple more days, I should have gotten one not as ripe, so this helpful poster has eliminated that problem for me, I hope it does for you as well.

avocado ripeness

Watch this video to see how to select a perfectly ripe avocado at the grocery store. The following tips will help you to have the perfect avocado for your salads, guacamole or your dishes.

how to tell your avocado is ripe

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