Follow These 7 Tips to Get a Younger Looking Neck

Follow These 7 Tips to Get a Younger Looking Neck

5. Consume Fatty Acids Before Bedtime

Stimulating collagen production is one of the most important ways to make neck skin appear more firm, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are used to produce collagen and rebuild skin cells. If you eat foods that are high in these fatty acids throughout the day, your body is likely to break these down for energy. However, if you wait to eat them until about four hours before you go to sleep, then these fatty acids will be used for collagen production and skin repair.

6. Exercise Regularly

There are plenty of neck exercises that are designed specifically to firm the muscles of the neck, but overall exercise is also key to a youthful looking neck. Studies have shown that people who exercise at least twice a week have thicker, more elastic skin after the experience. It is theorized that the exercise rejuvenates skin because it encourages better blood flow and circulates oxygen better.

7. Exfoliate More Often

Though there are many products for exfoliating and moisturizing the face, the neck is often neglected when considering skin treatments. When old skin cells remain on the neck for too long, the skin of the neck starts to look dull and tired. Gentle dermabrasion can be used to exfoliate the neck and leave it looking fresh and new. Natural scrubs made with sugar or salt can remove old skin cells without damaging newer ones.

Adding some or all of these methods to your skin care regimen will keep your neck looking firm and smooth. When the skin of your neck looks as flawless as the skin of your face, your appearance looks more streamlined and natural. By making some simple lifestyle changes and using products that you already apply to your face, it is easy to improve the appearance of your neck drastically.