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4 Conception Tips For Your Pregnancy Journey

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4 Conception Tips For Your Pregnancy Journey

4 Conception Tips For Your Pregnancy Journey

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Conceiving a child is an exceptionally special time in a couple’s life. Most don’t begin the process with thermometers and charts in hand – they simply anticipate that nature will take its course and they will be able to conceive without incident. Unfortunately, this is not always true. There are a number of mistakes that are made by couples in their attempts to conceive, and there are also a lot of issues that can cause limited fertility and infertility in both men and women. Let’s take a look at some common infertility causes.


Causes of Fertility Problems

1.Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

This condition is common in women of childbearing age, afflicting a whopping 1 in 10 ladies. The condition causes small cysts to develop in the ovarian region and can cause a woman to menstruate irregularly or have a cessation of menstruation, called amenorrhea. The condition is caused by a hormonal imbalance and can be treated with medication in many cases.

2.Ovulation Problems

One out of four women attempting to conceive have difficulty because they’re not ovulating properly. In many cases, this is directly related to PCOS, but in about 30% of cases, women are anovulatory for other reasons. The hypothalamus, a region in the brain that secretes the hormones necessary for ovulation, can sometimes malfunction. In rare cases, women may experience ovarian failure before menopause.

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3.Age or Illness

Diseases of the reproductive system, especially those transmitted through partner contact that have gone untreated, can cause scarring and blockage in the fallopian tubes. Endometriosis, a condition in which uterine lining is shed within the body instead of expelling naturally, can cause a similar problem. Women who wait until after age 35 to attempt conception may have difficulty due to a natural declination in the quality of their eggs.

4 Tips For Conception


Know The Right Days

While it’s nearly impossible for a woman to track her period down to the day unless it is perfectly scheduled every month, tracking your cycle can give you the information you need to successfully conceive. You are most likely to conceive approximately 14 days before your next period is due to arrive. If you monitor your temperature, you will notice that it drops in the days before ovulation but then has a dramatic increase when you are ovulating. This indicates a good time to attempt conception. The position in which you attempt the conception is up to you, but many couples have found success by keeping the female partner’s pelvis flat during partner contact.

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Monitor Your Health

Having a successful conception that results in a healthy pregnancy and baby requires that you take charge of your health. Quitting smoking and excessive drinking makes your body a more hospitable place for an embryo. Your doctor will want you to undergo blood work to determine any underlying disorders that may need to be treated before you can safely and successfully conceive. You may also receive a prescription for prenatal vitamins, which provide the essential nutrients your body will need for your child to develop healthily.

Eat Healthy, Fertility Boosting Foods

While there’s no food that can expressly improve your chances of getting pregnant, there are foods that can improve your ovulatory health, and as such, improve your chances of conception. Try switching out high fat animal proteins like red meat, chicken or pork for vegetable based proteins, like those found in healthy tree nuts and beans. Low fat dairy products increase the risk of ovulation problems, so switch to whole milk, but cut back a little to manage your calories. Any foods that boost iron and have a high vitamin content, especially dark greens and sweet potatoes, are beneficial to reproductive and pregnancy health.

Try a Homemade Fertility Tonic

What your body needs the most before a conception can take place is balance. Drinking a juice made from natural roots, fruit and herbs can provide you with essential nutrients that boost fertility by encouraging healthy ovulation. Choosing a natural tonic before attempting expensive medications to encourage ovulation or going through with expensive procedures like IVF may save you a lot of money and struggle.

To make the tonic, you’ll need:

2 whole pieces of celery, ends trimmed
1 whole apple, skin on
1 half inch of peeled ginger root
1 handful of Parsley
Juice from 1/2 lemon

Put all produce in juicer and drink the result once a day with breakfast to improve ovulatory function and encourage conception. The high iron and calcium content of this beverage are excellent for the body, helping to provide a hospitable environment for an embryo and facilitate a healthy, successful pregnancy.


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