4 PMS Signs You Can Fight Naturally

4 PMS Signs You Can Fight Naturally

4 PMS Signs You Can Fight Naturally

Sometimes men joke that women’s PMS never ends. It is not always pleasant then all bad mood symptoms are associated with this particular cause, but PMS can indeed make life a little bit worse.

For some, this period reminds of a real hell, especially when it starts up 1-2 weeks before menstruation! During this time, women usually suffer from both physical and psychological ailments. Around 30-75 percent of women experience smaller or bigger symptoms of PMS, while there is 8 percent of women who suffer from premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) – the emotional, psychological and physical difficulties that are even more complicated than PMS.

Signs You Can Fight Naturally

PMS can sometimes be very delicate, and adversely affecting the quality of life as well. However, if PMS is pretty severe and you can’t deal with it – a woman should visit a doctor to begin a hormonal treatment.

However, what are the most common symptoms and how to handle them in a natural way? Bellow you will find out.

1.An increased and sore breasts

What happens: during the cycle, estrogen hormone levels decline, while progesterone’s – is growing. The latter hormone is associated with water retention and some muscle relaxation in our bodies. In this case, the body preparing itself for a possible pregnancy, and therefore, a volume of breasts increases and becomes tender. Later, when progesterone returns to its limits, our chest gets back to the previous standard form.

What you can do: some women deal with this problem with individual lifestyle changes, such as caffeine restriction, reduced saturated fat consumption (in the chips, chocolate, meat, butter), or even alcohol, and smoking refusal. Good fat might be helpful here as well – eat oily fish, pumpkin seeds, linseed. Try out acupuncture; appropriate, well-fitted bras and so on. If you want to use medications to deal with this problem – always consult a doctor.

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2.Irritability and mood swings

What happens: you get sad way too fast, are often irritated even by smallest things, feel anxiety and depression symptoms.