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3 Workouts You Can Do in the Great Outdoors

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3 Workouts You Can Do in the Great Outdoors

3 Workouts You Can Do in the Great Outdoors

No Gym, No Problem

Modern societies around the world have gyms and fitness centers in every town, with some towns and cities having multiple different chains targeting different segments of society. With all this focus on free weights, machines, and equipment, gym goers might find their wallets a little lighter paying for a membership at all these different gyms.

But, for those who love the fresh outdoors, you’ll find that there are plenty of ways to get a workout in the great outdoors whether you are an avid outdoors-man or just tired of the grind at local gyms. Keep reading for three great workouts you can do outdoors without any gym equipment required.

Sandbox Shuffle

Lower body strength is crucial for everyone, but especially outdoor enthusiasts. Stomping around the great outdoors requires solid balance and the strength to run, jump, and hike. According to Fitness Magazine, the sandbox shuffle is a great exercise for targeting the butt, abs, and arms to provide a great total body workout while improving balance.

All you need is a sandy beach to get started. Assume a squat position, starting down low, and shuffle from left to right. Throughout the routine you should maintain the same depth of your squat and straight posture. With your hands clasped behind your head and your arms pointed straight out, you’ll balance your body and tone your arms at the same time. Conduct the shuffle back and forth for 60 seconds.

Push-up Trio

Upper body strength is also crucial when you are out and about in the great outdoors. With little more than a log or a park bench, you can do the push-up trio to shape and tone your upper body while adding muscle. Fitness Magazine says the push-up trio will target the chest and shoulder muscles and can be quickly and easily accomplished.

Starting with your feet elevated (on a bench or fallen log) and your hands on the ground, do 10 push-ups. From here you’ll switch and elevate your hands while your feet go to the ground, and do 10 more push-ups. Finally, you’ll round out the exercise with 10 traditional push-ups with both your feet and hands on the ground.

Tree Branch Pull-Ups

Much like the push-up, the pull-up is an amazing exercise because you can do it anywhere there is a tree branch or pole to support your weight. The best way to get maximum benefit from pull-ups is to vary your hand grip and distance. Start with a shoulder width grip, hands facing away from your body. Do 5 pull-ups (dependent upon fitness level).

From here, you can switch to a hand grip with your palms facing in, and even widen the distance between your hands to increase the challenge and target different muscle groups in your back. To add a little lower body exercise, find a branch just out of arms reach. Start each pull up with an explosive leap to grab the branch. Follow through with a full pull-up until your chin passes the branch, and then lower your body back to the ground.

3 Workouts You Can Do in the Great Outdoors

There is no need to fall for the advertising and gimmicks of gyms. The great outdoors can provide you everything you need to get a complete workout without the cost of a gym membership.

About The Author:

Ann Baird has struggled with healthy living most of her life. With her new found vigour for fitness, she enjoys blogging about creative ways to keep moving and stay healthier. Visit Sportpursuit.com for all the gear and advice you’ll need to get a great workout outdoors.

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