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See What Happened To Her Face After A Week Without Using Facial Soap And Cleansers

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See What Happened To Her Face After A Week Without Using Facial Soap And Cleansers

See What Happened To Her Face After A Week Without Using Facial Soap And Cleansers

We all use facial cleansers of some kind, whether it is a soap that is meant to remove dirt and oiliness from our skin or one that promises to moisturize it. We see lots of ads on television and magazines boasting the qualities of this or that new cleanser, but are they really telling you the truth? Not necessarily, as one woman found out. She decided to spend a week without using facial soaps or cleansers to see just how beneficial these products really are.


The Problem

Facial cleansers that are not organic are made with all manner of chemicals. These can dry out your skin, causing it to feel uncomfortable or even painful. Facial soap, for example, usually contains sodium lauryl sulfate, which has a number of studies linking it to increased risk of cancer.

Neutrogena products, which claim to offer soaps and cleansers for sensitive skin, many times result in people having red, blotchy skin that can even be painful to the touch. The chemicals are too harsh in all of these cleansers, and the more you use them, the more you will feel you need them, since your skin will start losing its natural moisturizing qualities. Cleansers also have fragrance that is created by with chemicals. There is nothing natural about them, and they can harm your skin even more.

The Experiment

The young woman decided to try a week without using facial cleansers or facial soaps of any kind. She instead used warm water to wash her face. She had always had oily skin, which is why she started using cleansers in the first place, but they did not really seem to be doing their job. This is why she decided to try this experiment.

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The Results

She found that the less cleansers she used, the less oily her skin was. It also did not feel as tight as it used to, since she was not eliminating the normal moisturizing qualities of the top layer of skin. The redness that can come from using harsh chemicals disappeared and her face felt better than it had in years.

We all know chemicals are bad for us. Some of them can increase the risk of cancer and even if they do not, they can still wreak havoc on our skin when we use facial soaps or cleansers. For most people, water is just fine. Some choose to use completely organic options, but for the majority of us, there is no need for anything else than a towel and warm water. If you want to stop your facial skin from feeling dry and even painful, you have to consider stopping the use of cleansers and soaps. In just a week, your face will be back to its natural self.

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