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Holistic Remedy That Fights With Sexually Transmitted Diseases Naturally

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Holistic Remedy That Fights With Sexually Transmitted Diseases Naturally

About Black Cumin Seed Oil

Black cumin seed oil, or nigella Sativa, has been used for millennia as an effective and safe treatment for diseases ranging from arthritis to genital afflictions. Although more than 600 studies have been performed worldwide on black cumin seed oil it is currently classified as a holistic remedy. Keephopealive.org reports that many HIV patients have achieved undetectable viral loads after using a combination of black cumin seed and honey over several months.

This is also beneficial to individuals with diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. Since black seed oil is an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic, it reduces the inflammation and discomfort associated with these diseases and fights the cancers sometimes associated with them.

Its ability to initiate apoptosis in the invading cells without damaging surrounding tissue makes black seed oil far more effective than current prescription medications. A study by the National Institute of Health confirmed the efficacy of this seed as an anti-inflammatory and as a cancer-fighting agent that had no side effects in the test subjects. More impressive results were achieved when patients used the black seed powder in capsule form rather than the oil; the powder form is also more cost-effective than the oil.

Historical Usage

Black cumin seed has been used for thousands of years, Cleopatra was purported to have used it cosmetically and King Tutankhamen is said to have had a vial of the oil buried with him in his tomb. Hippocrates used black seed oil for metabolic and digestive disorders and Muhammad called it a remedy for every illness except death. Black cumin seed promotes heart health and is effective against the super-bugs that are resistant to prescription antibiotics.

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Black seed oil has been shown to be efficacious in the treatment of the following cancers:

• Bone
• Brain
• Breast
• Cervical
• Colon
• Gastric
• Liver
• Lymphoma
• Melanoma
• Pancreatic
• Prostate
• Stomach

It has also been shown to effectively treat:

• Asthma
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Diabetes
• Gastritis
• Genital diseases
• Kidney ailments
• Peptic ulcers

How It Works

Modern scientists do not completely understand the process by which black cumin seed is so effective at combating a disease. However, studies indicate that a substance called thymoquinone, which is an antioxidant contained in the seed, builds up the immune system. It has been proven that black cumin seed oil destroys the invading cells by inducing a process called apoptosis, which means cell death, while not harming the surrounding healthy tissue.

Black seed oil, when taken regularly, increases bone marrow production by up to 250 percent and dramatically increases production of interferon, which is a substance the body manufactures to help fight viral infections. These tiny seeds also contain copper, iron, folic acid, iron, phosphorous, and zinc as well as a significant amount of phytosterols, which are essential for the prevention of various diseases.

How to Take Black Cumin Seed

Black cumin seed is powerful and some users have found it best to start at a low dosage and gradually increase the amount taken until the optimal dose is achieved. The oil can be applied topically or ingested in a hot drink. For topical application, combining it with a carrier oil in a 1:3 ratio may be best, using one part black seed oil to three parts carrier oil. For ingestion, using raw or natural honey in combination has shown to increase the effectiveness of the black seed. The powdered form of the seed appears to be more efficacious than the oil, perhaps due to the fact that the powder retains its black color whereas the oil is clear.

The capsule dosage will depend on the individual and the reason for which it is taken. A starting dosage of one capsule per day may work best for some individuals and can be increased daily up to the required dosage. The oil usually starts with a half-teaspoon daily and can be similarly increased until the required dosage is achieved. If black seed is taken for maintenance, the dosage will be less than if it is being used for fighting cancer or treating genital disorders or other ailments.

The Future of Black Cumin Seed

The use of black cumin seed as a broad-spectrum treatment for illness has become more popular in recent decades. With virtually no side effects, this natural remedy that has been safely used for millennia is gradually being recognized as the wonderful treatment it is.

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