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Choose A Candle You Like And Find Out What It Reveals About You

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Choose A Candle You Like And Find Out What It Reveals About You

Choose A Candle You Like And Find Out What It Reveals About You

Color plays an important part in our lives. Whether out in nature, in a restaurant, or relaxing in our homes, the color of our surroundings can impact our mood and in some cases even our physical and emotional health. A color is a way of communicating and expressing ourselves non-verbally. Culture can dictate the meaning of color but most people have a more visceral reaction to whether or not a particular color appeals to them or how it makes them feel.

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The color is an important factor in advertising and marketing. From websites to restaurants to hotel furnishings, people are figuring out what colors will have the most positive effect on the bottom-line.

Of course, your favorite color depends on what it is that is holding the color. You may prefer black clothing but a blue bedroom. Let’s say, however, we took an inanimate object such as a candle and offered the same candle in a variety of different colors. The candle that you choose based on the color may reveal a lot about your personality.

What does your favorite color say about you?

Black- Black is the absorption of all color. It can represent secrecy and mystery, but it also denotes power, control, and authority. Black is also associated with $e*iness and seduction. If you are a black personality type, you are most likely not evil but rather driven by prestige and strength. One of your drawbacks may be that you tend to suppress your emotions.

Blue– Blue brings about feelings of tranquility and relaxation, explaining why people are so drawn to the ocean. Blue personality types are usually sentimental, faithful, and non-threatening. They do at times have a difficult time showing emotion. They also have some trouble adapting to change and can be rather disorganized and untidy.

Green– Green is the color of spring and represents growth and renewal. A green person is a joiner, motivated, and usually a loyal friend and business partner. He is interested in prosperity which on the negative side, can sometimes morph into possessiveness and materialism.

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Yellow– Yellow represents hope, happiness and acquired knowledge. Yet it seems to one of those colors you like or you don’t. It can also bring about feelings of agitation. Yellow personality cheerful types are usually pleasant, creative and fairly cerebral. Their negative tendencies include finding change difficult and a propensity toward being pretentious or snobbish.

Red– Red screams masculine and love energy, think of red sports cars and red roses. Not surprisingly, red people are usually passionate, physical, and ambitious. They also exude courage and confidence. Too much red, however, can bring about anger management problems and food cravings.

Purple– Purple is associated with imagination, spirituality, and fantasy. Purple people are deep thinkers, idealist, and usually intuitive. They are most concerned with a harmony of the mind and emotions. They are often a perfectionist, and when things don’t go as planned, this can lead to depression.

White– White is the absence of all color and, therefore, represents purity and innocence. White personality types are usually well balanced, discreet, and clean and neat. They tend to handle transition better than other types. They can also be perceived, however, as empty, isolating, or prudish.

If the colors we choose say a lot about our personalities, maybe we can alter our personalities by changing the colors that surround us. If you find yourself demonstrating some of the negative traits of your favorite color, why not try introducing a balancing color into your wardrobe or surroundings?

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