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4 Signs You Have An Addictive Personality

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4 Signs You Have An Addictive Personality

4 Signs You Have An Addictive Personality

10-15% of the population struggle with what can be called an addictive personality. This type of personality can be very dangerous, and not just because of the behaviors. People with addictive personalities often have a hard time admitting that they have a problem. If not detected, this personality type could lead one down a path of destruction. Here some warning signs that you may have an addictive personality.

4 Warning Signs You May Have An Addictive Personality

1. Inability To Control Impulsive Behavior

According to Dr. Dana Davis, people who have a weakness for impulsive behavior also have a strong chance of having an addictive personality. Wanting to try out new things is completely normal, but going over the top and needing to try out the brand new thing constantly is something different.

2. Constant Stress And Anxiety

Dealing with an addictive personality can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Those who are dealing with these things at a constant level might be able to tie it to their addictive personality.

3. Recurring Themes Of Social Alienation

An addictive personality usually means jumping from one social group to another, not leaving very much time for creating lasting bonds. This could lead to isolation and loneliness. At the same time, dealing with someone who has an addictive personality is difficult, and people may not be able to handle it.

4. Mood Swings And Negative Self Worth

The thrill of new addictions and impulsive behavior only last for so long, and when they’re gone, they’re often replaced with depression and a low self worth. Dealing with the ramifications of the destructive behavior could also contribute to these feelings.

Having an addictive personality isn’t easy, but identifying it is the first step. Once that’s done, there’s things that can be done to help reduce the symptoms and the destructive ramifications that come with the behavior. For tips on how to deal with an addictive personality, check out this website.

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