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10 Things Mature Women Don’t Do In A Relationship

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10 Things Mature Women Don't Do In A Relationship

10 Things Mature Women Don’t Do In A Relationship

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When you are in high school, you simply want to date the cutest girl in school and are not too concerned with what kind of a mother she will be or whether she’s the kind of person you actually want to live with. In fact, at that age, the rebel bad girl is often just as attractive to boys as the rebel bad boy is to girls. But while cutting class and smoking weed may be attractive qualities in youth, there comes a time when being with a woman who can’t keep a job and sits at home all day smoking weed is no longer alluring or attractive. So if you’re done dating little girls are ready for a real relationship with a mature woman, here are 10 qualities to look for.


1.) Women will give you an advice but they won’t demand you follow it.

Girls want you to do what they tell you to do and will get angry when you don’t. Women understand and accept that you are a grown adult capable of making your own decisions. They will offer you advice – sometimes whether you ask for it or not – but will not be upset or offended when you decide to do something differently than they advised.

2.) Women understand the importance of self-care

Girls are taught to always put everyone else’s needs ahead of their own. If they carry these same beliefs into adulthood, it will often leave them bitter and drained. Women understand that if they don’t take care of themselves, they will have no resources to take care of others.

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3.) Women don’t need you to meet their every need.

Women have a number of friends they can call for “girl talk”, they have a “safe” man on tap when they need a date and you are not available and they have a massage therapist or beautician for when they need some  physical touch and you are out of town. They willingly and gladly accept what you have to offer, but know what they can expect from you and what they need to go looking for elsewhere.

4.) Women respond easily to bids for connection

Noted relationship expert John Gottman purports that all relationships involve “bids for connection.” Bids can be responded to in three ways: by turning towards, away from or against. Girls will punish by giving the silent treatment, women will turn towards bids even during a heated argument as a means of maintaining a connection.

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5.) A woman knows who she is and doesn’t need your validation

Girls will quickly learn to walk, talk, act, think and dress however their boyfriend wants them to – and then can’t figure out why their boyfriend dumps them for someone who is nothing like what they became for him. A woman knows who she is and stays true to who she is, no matter what.

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6.) A woman’s inner beauty is as important to her as her external beauty

Girls will spend hours and hours painting their nails, curling and straightening their hair and applying makeup. A woman will spend a significant amount of time reading, meditating, attending classes and improving herself. She takes pride in her appearance,e but doesn’t put her most significant energies into it.

7.) A woman stands up for underdogs

There’s an old saying that “a man who is not nice to the waiter is not a nice man” and the same holds true for women. A mean girl might be kind of hot in high school, but I’m pretty sure you’re not going to want to share a bed with a mean girl.

8.) A woman is at home with her sensuality

Girls need constant validation that they are pretty or physically attractive. They will frequently pursue men physically just to see if they can gain a conquest. Women know their own power, they are confident and comfortable in their sensuality and, as a result, don’t need to constantly have it on display just to prove their own worth.

9.) A woman has a wicked sense of humor

Girls are very concerned with what is “proper” or what will gain them the approval of their parents or other authority figures. Women are far more comfortable with “earthy” humor and can laugh richly at things that may not be considered “proper” in certain company.

10.) A woman is a leader

Girls expect someone to lead them, women are 360-degree leaders. They lead up, lead across and lead down. They are influencers of you, your children and your community and they wield that power wisely.


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