10 Bizarre Pregnancy Facts No One Warns You About

10 Bizarre Pregnancy Facts No One Warns You About

Many people know the strange things that happen to a woman’s body when she becomes pregnant. From morning sickness to weight gain, there are some pregnancy symptoms that everyone knows. But, there are some awkward things pregnant women experience that don’t get talked about.


1. Peeing When You Sneeze
Because of the added pressure on your bladder, pregnant women may find themselves peeing when they sneeze or cough. These sudden bursts of movement can put just a bit more pressure on your bladder that causes a bit of leakage to find it’s way out.

2. Going Up a Shoe Size
A change in foot size can actually happen for a number of reasons, including weight gain and added pressure on your feet. For most, going up a foot size is a temporary consequence of pregnancy and your flat, wide feet will return to normal soon after the baby is born. But, if the change is too drastic, your feet might remain that size.

3. Gas & Burping
As your baby continues to grow, your little one takes up more and more space in your belly, meaning the excess air needs to get out of the way. There are only two ways this air can exit your body, so try eating smaller meals more frequently or asking your doctor about an anti-gas remedy.