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Facial Weight Loss Tricks That Really Works

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Facial Weight Loss Tricks That Really Works

Facial Weight Loss Tricks That Really Works

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Wondering what causes facial fat? Here are the top reasons why you could be having more fats in your face:

1. Junk Foods

Eating junk foods, you are injecting more calories, salts and fats into your body. Foods such as pizzas and burgers are junk and do not contain minerals and vitamins, the elements that are essential in making your face look better. Notably, lack of vitamin C and carotene will make your face look bloated.


2. Dehydration

Dehydration means water retention. When your body requires water, and it does not get it, it will respond by retaining the little it has. The face is one of the regions where more water is retained. Unfortunately, not so many individuals realize the benefits associated with drinking more or enough water daily.

3. Aging

Age is another factor that leads to hormonal changes in your face. Because of these hormonal changes, your face will look bloated and puffy. Nonetheless, it is hard to stop these changes to take place because they are natural. Just try to eat well and exercise daily.

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4. Alcohol

Excessive alcohol in your body makes your body dehydrate quickly resulting in a bloated and puffy face. So, cut on your drinking spree to make your face beautiful.

5. Heredity

Sometimes, heredity factors such as genes could be responsible for your bloated face. While it is hard to control this situation, try to tone your facial muscles by performing some toning exercises.

6. Medical Conditions

A bloated or puffy face may not necessarily be because of the above causes, but it could be a sign of something not right in your body. For instance, medical conditions such as insect bites, dental issues, kidney problems, allergies, and sinus infections, etc.

How to Lose Weight on Face

Three approaches can help you lose more weight on your face:

• Home remedies

• Lifestyle and diet change

• Face exercises

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Lifestyle and Diet Changes

1. Avoid Junk Food

Fast foods as well as all foods, all are junk foods. If you want your face to have fewer fats, avoid such foods. Therefore:

• Avoid packed foods

• Reduce your frequency to restaurants

• Avoid processed foods

• Eat more raw foods

• Eat more vegetables and fruits

• Eat more cooked foods

2. Drink Water

Drinking more water is a critical technique for ensuring your body is free of facial weight. Lots of water in the body will ensure you are well hydrated to a level that your face will not look bloated. Drink enough glasses of water each day and eat more water-based vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, cucumber, and watermelon.

3. Have balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet full of most of the essential nutrients will not only cut down your facial weight, but it will also reduce more weight from the rest of the body.

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• Eat fresh fruits and vegetables,

• Avoid preserved and canned foods,

• Eat your meals regularly

• Eat small foods regularly

• Drink more water daily

To make yourself focused on your diet throughout the day, consult your OT about the right sensory diet.

4. Limit Salt Consumption

More salt in the body leads to water retention. Water retention due to salt happens because salt requires more water to be diluted. This does not only make your face look bloated, but it also leads to more healthy issues. Therefore, limit more salt intake to avoid a bloated face as well as other health issues. The following is a trick on how you can cut down on your salt consumption:

• Reduce eating more fast and processed foods

• Avoid adding salt to each and every meal you eat

• Drink a lot of water daily

• Take more natural diuretics to help eliminate water and sodium from the body

• Eat more of potassium-rich foods daily to help balance sodium levels in the body

5. Take Enough Rest

Lack of enough sleep can make your face look puffy and bloated, have dark circles, be saggy, and have lines and wrinkles. So, ensure you are having enough time to sleep and rest each day. The following is the trick to having enough rest each day:

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• Sleep enough daily

• Have frequent breaks from your work

• Retire to bed at the same time daily and also wake at the same time every morning.

• Try to learn some meditation techniques such as calming your mind and nerves to have deep relaxation and rest

6. Correct Your Posture

Ensure your posture is maintained in the right way every day. For instance, if you have a tendency of sitting wrongly, correct it right away to make your body function normally. With a proper posture, your metabolism will work efficiently to improve your weight loss.

Face Exercises to Lose Weight on Face

The following are some of the effective facial exercises that can help you lose fat from your face:

Lift your Chin

Frequent chin lift will help work up all the muscles in your face. Do the following:

• Stand or sit straight

• Take your head backwards such that you look straight at the ceiling

• Maintain this position while you pull together your lips

• Continue holding this position for ten counts

• Rest

• Then, repeat this for five times

Do Fish Face Yoga

This exercise helps you a lot when it comes to losing facial weight.

• Stand or sit straight

• Suck in your cheeks

• Hold for ten counts.

• Rest

• Repeat five times

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Lymph Drainage Facial Massage

Massage is often an effective way to tone your face. Do this:

• Apply oil (coconut or olive) on your face

• Gently massage your face with upwardly in circular motion in 5-10 strokes

• using your fingertips, tap from the corners of your lips and slowly move to your ears

• Repeat this for ten times.

• Finally, with your fingers, massage your jaw line upwardly

• Repeat this for five times.

Home Remedies to Lose Face Fat

The following home remedies can help you get rid of your facial weight:

Cold Therapy

Applying something cold over your face, will help reduce puffiness on your face.

Do this:

• Add ice cubes to a large bowl full of ice cubes

• Close your eyes and mouth, and hold your breath and then lower your face down into the bowl.

• Hold your face there for 5-10 seconds or till you do not feel uncomfortable

• Repeat this for 3-5 times

Cucumber to Get Rid of Puffy Face

The water in the cucumbers can soothe and refreshes your swollen face.

Do this:

• Cut your cucumber into roundels

• Lie down

• Place cucumber slices all over your face

• Let the cucumber slices be on your face for about 15-20 minutes

• Wash off your face using lukewarm water

Note: This method is safe and does not have any contradictions.


Conclusively, your face is an essential part of the body that defines your appearance and how other people recognize you. Maintaining your face’s weight is one way to make your face less puffy and less bloated. Following the above tricks can work wonders on your face.


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