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7 Ways to Whiten Your Nails Naturally

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7 Ways to Whiten Your Nails Naturally

7 Ways to Whiten Your Nails Naturally

Sometimes it’s just not possible to do a manicure regularly, but that’s no reason not to have your nails look as nice as possible. Here are some natural tips on how to make your nails look whiter naturally:

  • Lemon 

Lemon is a natural manicure ingredient, simply rub your nails with lemon or wash them with lemon juice for whiter, shinier nails

7 Ways to Whiten Your Nails Naturally

  • Lemon + soapy water 

Mix lemon and soapy water in a bowl and soak nails for 5 minutes, rinse with fresh water and apply a moisturizing lotion.


  • Moisturizer

Lemon tends to be drying to skin so always apply hand lotion or a moisturizer to keep them smooth, it also helps shine nails.

  • Baking powder 

Baking powder with warm water will get you shiny white nails, try it once a week.

white vinegar

  • White vinegar

White vinegar is another natural whitener, add a few drops of white vinegar to a bowl of warm water and soak nails for 8 minutes.

  • Whitening toothpaste 

Apply whitening toothpaste to nails and leave on for 5-6 minutes then wash with warm water.

lemon salt

  • Lemon + salt 

Rub lemon and salt on nails to make them shiny and make the tips white and glossy.


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