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Solve Your Sagging Eyelids Problem Naturally In 2 Minutes

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Solve Your Sagging Eyelids Problem Naturally In 2 Minutes

Solve Your Sagging Eyelids Problem Naturally In 2 Minutes

Everyone wants to retain a healthy, youthful appearance, but over time, the aging process makes lines, creases and saggy eyelids more visible. The eye area, in particular, is the first area that shows aging. As we get older, the muscles and tissues that surround the eye become weakened and begin to sag. The natural fats and fluids accumulate in the lower eyelids and the delicate skin under the eye loose elasticity and the skin become loose.

Eyelids Problem

As that happens, our eyes start to appear puffy and swollen. Dark circles form around the eyes, giving you an aged appearance. These changes are caused by a number of factors, some which are not controllable. Those of us who do not get enough sleep often experience saggy eyes, just as those who are going through hormonal changes.

Also, allergies contribute to the creation of lines and wrinkles. Not only does the pollutants irritate the eyes, but it causes us to rub our eye excessively. Rubbing causes the thin skin under the eye to stretch. It also causes capillaries to burst, resulting in bruises forming under the eye.

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Aside from external contributions, our eyes respond to internal conditions such as our food consumption. An unbalanced diet may cause deficiencies in the minerals and vitamins that nourish our skin and keeps it supple and resilient. Without consuming the right amounts of essential supplements, the skin suffers and ages prematurely. Genetics also play a part in premature aging of the eyes, and while that can not be avoided, it does not prevent home remedies from taking effect.

Dermatologists can prescribe medications to reduce swelling and sagging of the eyes, but there are numerous home remedies that rejuvenate the appearance of your eyes more effectively and in less time than doctor prescribed medications. There is one powerful natural and organic food that can refresh the appearance of your eyes quickly. You can achieve the same results that would get with prescribed medications in just 2 minutes with this simple home remedy – Egg Whites.

The white portion of the egg is effective for tighten the skin around the eyes. The end result becomes visible in only a few minutes and they will last for about 48 hours.

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Items Needed:

– 1 egg white (separate and discard the yolk)
– 1 cotton swab


1.Cleanse your eyelid and be sure to remove any traces of makeup. Pat your eyes dry.
2.Crack open an egg. Dispose of the yolk, but keep the egg white.
3.Dip a cotton swab into the egg white.
4.Gently hold your closed eyelid and use the cotton swab to spread the egg white across your eyelid (make sure it doesn’t drip, you don’t need much).
5.Keep your eyes close while you wait for the egg white to completely dry. You can use a fan to speed up the process.

It is not more complicated than that. For those of us with deeper wrinkles, it may require a few applications to achieve visible results. In the end, your lines will appear less visible, the sagging will dissipate, and your will erase years from your appearance.

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