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Should You Be Taking Sleeping Pills?

Should You Be Taking Sleeping Pills

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Are you a victim of insomnia who tries incessantly to catch on your Z’s? Turning and twisting restlessly in bed is a common symptom of insomnia and can take a toll on your physical and mental health and hamper your everyday activities. Several underlying causes may be contributing to your sleepless state and you may want, to begin with, identifying the root cause of the problem and then go about treating it. Often people opt for the shortcut remedy of putting themselves in sleeping pills but little do they realize that it can rob them of mental peace in the long run. Always adopt an approach to finding ways to sleeping better without drugs.

Sleeping pills! A yay or nay?

On the face of it, sleeping pills may be a lifesaver if you are seriously sleep-deprived. With those dark circles under your eyes, you are carving for some sound sleep to recover from the fogginess of the mind and develop clarity of thoughts to think about a long-term remedy. When you are desperate for some serious rest you lookout for ways that will provide you with instant relief and hence you head towards the medicine cabinet.

Ask yourself if you are sleep deprived. Are you having trouble sleeping? Or is it just a momentary phase that you are going through due to undue pressure from different walks of life. Once a while it is okay to not be able to sleep but if you continue to rely on sleeping pills to get those eyes shut you’ve seriously got to consider it. Not being able to sleep in the late hours of the night due to overuse of electronics can be understood but it could have deeper psychological reason to it that is ruining your sleep.

Sleeping pills are not the ultimate solution

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Whatever may be the reason behind your insomnia, you need to realize that it cannot be holistically treated with a mere sleeping pill. Take, for instance, your elder parent being unable to sleep at night. You definitely wouldn’t just put them to sleep by giving them a sleeping pill. Maybe they are in need of companionship and recreation and are feeling lonely which is contributing to their sleeplessness and you might consider transferring them to a home care service for better care.

Similarly, people of all ages need to understand the importance of sleep and weigh the pros and cons of becoming addicted to sleeping pills. It’s not completely lethal for your health and can definitely be opted for in case of emergency, during traveling or to escape from pain. But it is advisable to use them as infrequently as possible to avoid drug dependency.

A Consumer Reports survey has identified that half the people who face serious issues sleeping intake drugs in highly risky and harmful ways that are taking them on a regular basis or including it for longer durations of time.

Health care professionals’ reservations in prescribing sleeping drugs

Doctor’s preference is often taken into notice and helps highlight the possible negative influences of sleeping pills. The asleep scientist is reported to have said that you shouldn’t be taking sleeping pills. Certain reasons that may discourage you to rely on sleeping pills maybe:

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  • Being under the influence of the drugs the next day resulting in drowsiness, lethargy, and a short concentration span.
  • Clumsiness can lead to culpable negligence on your part leading to mistakes and blunders
  • People dependent on drugs are at a higher risk of developing cognitive impairments like dementia as it numbs the senses
  • Every night when you take a sleeping pill, your body gets used to the sensation of euphoria and in time the same does cease to have that effect on you. This entails that you need to increase your dosage to have the same effect of euphoria and find a solution to your problem
  • Drug dependency can lead to withdrawal symptoms.

Consult your doctor if you are an insomnia patient.

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