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The Difference Between Your Birth Date And Your Birth Number, And What It Says About You

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The Difference Between Your Birth Date And Your Birth Number, And What It Says About You

The Difference Between Your Birth Date And Your Birth Number, And What It Says About You

Your birth date is used to determine your astrological sign and is based on the positions of the planets at the time of birth. Your birth number, however, is based on your numerical date of birth and is found by adding and reducing the numbers in your birth date. For instance, consider a person born on February 2, 1955. To calculate your birth number, add the month, day and year together. In the example given, the birth date adds and reduces like so:

Amazing Story Behind Your Birth Number

2 + 2 + 1955 = 1999
1 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 28
2 + 8 = 10
1 + 0 = 1

Always find the lowest possible number by adding numbers 10 and above together. Birth numbers, like astrological signs, are used to predict a person’s personality traits. The system is founded on numerology, which is a system that assess the meanings of each number based on its traditional associations.

What the Numbers Mean

Numbers one through nine each have a specific meaning. Using the basics of numerology, some meanings for birth numbers include these basic descriptions of personality types according to birth number:

  • One: People with a birth number of one are unique, honest, and have the ability to begin new projects easily. On the downside, these people may be a bit too honest, and can be arrogant.
  • Two: People with a birth number of two are social, diplomatic and giving. Shyness may affect you, but you value your friends and have the ability to maintain your self-confidence in any situation.
  • Three: Number three people are charming social butterflies who love parties, but who also tend to see things through rose-colored glasses.
  • Four: A birth number of four signifies a hard working, reliable person who enjoys traditions and routines. On the downside, some fours can easily stagnate when left to their own devices.
  • Five: Fives are typically loners who enjoy thinking outside the box. Adventuresome fives may find social situations challenging.
  • Six: People ruled by the number six are loyal romantics who treasure friends and family. Sixes are prone to desiring the unattainable.
  • Seven: Sevens are natural researchers who value the intellect. Logical, philosophical sevens also love teaching others.
  • Eight: People with the birth number eight are often in charge professionals who take pride in their accomplishments.
  • Nine: Nines are generous, and love hosting social gatherings. While lines are natural givers, they may have trouble asserting their independence.

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Like astrology, the birth number system is complex and include both positive and negative aspects of the personality. Some systems are expanded to include the numbers 11 and 22, as these numbers have significant spiritual meanings that are unique when compared to other numbers.

Eleven and Twenty-Two

The number 11 signifies a dreamer who possesses a strong connection to the spiritual world. Eleven may have trouble maintaining focus, but are often excellent guides or counselors.

People with the birth number 22 are born leaders with the ability to change the world. With both idealistic goals and practical ways to reach those goals, people with a birth number of 22 are among the most successful.

A birth number is also called a life path number. Numerology experts consider the birth number an important influence on personality and career, especially when the positive meanings of the number are present. Birth numbers are very different than birth dates or astrological associations. Learning more about your birth number and its traditionally accepted meanings can help you find insight into your personality traits, and can even help you limit negative traits for a more successful future.

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