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7 Hidden But Very Common Fears About $ex That Doesn’t Let You Perform Well

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7 Hidden But Very Common Fears About $ex That Doesn’t Let You Perform Well

7 Hidden But Very Common Fears About $ex That Doesn’t Let You Perform Well

Making love is an adhesive subject. Many people around the world have had it, and it doesn’t come with its woes since the beginning of the world. Bachelors are not an exclusion. Whether they are happily married to their lives and vow to stay true to themselves, there are a couple of fears, emotions, and insecurities that are guaranteed to surface at one point, with at least one partner, throughout the progress of your lovemaking era.

7 Hidden But Very Common Fears About $ex That Doesn't Let You Hit It Off

The love-making impulse is that ever present, instant, and source of great pleasure. It is a motivation and excitement for many people. We will ask ourselves the reasons why these people avoid making love when it matters? While constantly accusing this to aging body, several new theories arise when having a closer look at the brain dynamics and psychology behind this.

1. Fear Of Closeness
Many people do not confess this even though it is so obvious to them. Most of them do not like the idea of being so close to someone. When people speak out their attractions to others, those other people often agree to start a relationship but the emotional closeness is so close that the physical closeness is discouraging. This makes many people splinter themselves and choose the smaller attraction. Little did they know they are losing the most rewarding experience they could ever have by ignoring the fear with the most emotional close person in their lives.

2. Fear Of Inability to Satisfy
Most love partners have this fear that they may lose their lovers, and all they engage in is satisfying them without thinking about pleasing themselves as well. All they do is convincing themselves that they enjoy and avoid being pleasured because their fear of losing them has activated their brain and this can lead to justification just to protect them from loss. This leads to self-sacrifice that only leads to a single sided relationship and loss of that special opportunity to be made happy as well.

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3. Fear Of Recurrent Loss Of Performance
Despite their best intentions, many men are often good performers in the love making process but this particular fateful day, they are unable to perform. This unexpected disappointment becomes a shock to the brain when experienced and also a stigma of the shame that most men will fear the next moments of making love. Their partners will ignore this even though it’s a worrying thing. These men will then make it a ritual in avoiding making love. If this dread is powerful, it needs immediate attention before it grows worse. Too much alcohol, distraction, often tiredness adds to the factors that affect the loss of performance.

4. Fear Of Death
This is also one fear factor in making love. In the peak of an experience in making love, people tend to believe they are dead. The French refer it to as a quick death. They describe it as a small life well lived that remains in your brain as a symbol of the dread of mortality. This is most especially when people are aging, and this repeated occurrence becomes a real fear.

5. Fear Of Letting Others Down
Many people hate the idea of letting others down. The feel unconsciously that they are not doing their job perfectly. This results to low self-esteem. This idea kills the morale of many people, and this leads to the people they can only please and in the end have no close attachment to anyone.

6. Fear Of Responsibility
This is a common fear. People fear to take the responsibility for the well-being of someone else’s emotions. They may frighten their partners if they discover they need some degree of closeness. They may avoid receiving gifts, pleasure or interacting with them as a result even though they have never been so close in a relationship. They end up avoiding the relationship.

7. Fear Of Disapproval
Even though many people don’t care about what others think of them, when it comes to relationships, it is the opposite. In most circumstances, people fall in love with others but can’t speak out because they fear the society will be against them. These happen to people who are slightly weighty or disabled. Getting over this dread is important. You are the person who will live with your loved one even though they are disapproved by society.

The fear of making love is not often disclosed. They live in the conscious of the people suffering from them. For that matter, it takes a while to reach and understand the above-stated fears. Endeavor to comprehend them and change your life for the better.

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