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Keep Your Avocados Green And Fresh With This Easy Trick

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Keep Your Avocados Green And Fresh With This Easy Trick

Keep Your Avocados Green And Fresh With This Easy Trick

I am like a lot of people I know who like avocados, but can only finish a half at a time. The other half turns dark and has to be thrown away.

Avocados are too good and too expensive to let them go to waste. But they contain an enzyme which causes them to turn brown when they get exposed to air. I want to save my avocados, but how?

Avocados Green And Fresh


There must be ways in order to keep it looking green and fresh, after slicing, and I tried a number of methods to find out which will work best.

I got 5 ripe avocados for each experiment. Here are the steps:

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Step 1
• Cut all the avocados lengthwise, and I gently pulled the halves apart.

Step 2
• Pit Method – I set aside the first avocado halves without removing the pit.
• Citrus Method – For the second avocado, I squeezed some lemon juice and then swept the juice over the entire cut surface of the avocado halves.
• Wrap Method – I covered the third avocado halves with plastic wrap and set them aside.
• Water Method – I immersed the fourth half in cold water.
• Onion Method – I put the fifth halves in a tight-lid container with a piece of sliced onion, cover tightly and refrigerate it.

Step 3
I waited for a full 24 hours before I checked the results.

The Results

I was amazed to find out that there was only one effective method! While the rest of the methods resulted in the avocado turning brown, surprisingly, the onion method kept the avocado green, and the taste of the avocado was not affected by the onion.

Probably the sulfur compounds that the onion releases stopped the oxidation without transferring the onion flavor.

Now, no more wasting leftover avocados!

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