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Solange Knowles Shares Her Natural Secrets Of Flawless Hair

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Solange Knowles Shares Her Natural Secrets Of Flawless Hair

Solange Knowles Shares Her Natural Secrets Of Flawless Hair

Musician, model and actress, Solange Knowles has notably created a name for herself in the fashion world in recent years. In an industry where the African American community is still largely underrepresented, she makes people notice her, most significantly by her transition from long relaxed hair to a natural style.

Solange rocks numerous Afrocentric hairstyles on red carpets everywhere and has branded herself as more than just Beyonce’s little sister but a style icon in her own right. Recently spotted sporting center-parted braids at the Louis XIII screening of “100 Years” in Beverly Hills, the artist and socialite also celebrated her first wedding anniversary with husband Alan Ferguson on Monday. Who could forget the photos of the all-white affair in New Orleans and her beautiful, sporty ‘fro last year? It was definitely a sight to see!

Solange Knowles

Solange’s natural hair is type 4C, and a long-time endorser of the brand Carol’s Daughter, she explained to Garance Dore, a French fashion blog, that she washes her hair using their Monoi oil shampoo and conditioner. She claims to wash and deep condition it every week, carefully combing out the ends first. She often watches films like “My Week with Marilyn” while sitting under a heat cap with her hair sectioned off into clips. This helps the conditioner penetrate, and afterwards she rinses it clean and sections it again into two-strand twists. She showers again after taking them out to let her hair frizz more. Knowles goes on to share that she also includes raw shea butter and pure Argon oil (when it’s really dry) in her daily hair regimen though she sometimes wears braids or extensions to give her hair a break.


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Solange’s light is shining brighter and brighter lately. So how do we maintain our natural locks and achieve this same exuberance? Some tips the star’s stylist, Chuck Amos, gave Styleblazer regarding natural hair care include:

1. letting those natural curls and coils relax

2. reducing frizzing by using oils and creams (though Solange admitted to liking frizzing herself)

3. making sure the clothing and styles you wear don’t cause breakage

4. avoiding using chlorine-filled pools if your hair is color treated
and lastly

5. avoiding matted hair by using fewer tracks at the nape of your neck when wearing a weave.


So much can be learned from taking in Solange’s journey to healthy, natural hair. She’s truly doing it right through hard work and dedication to her hair journey and of course with the help of her stylist. She’s helping to change the stereotype that successful black women should have a certain “look”. Long, sleek, relaxed hair is beautiful too but not the choice for everyone. We’re also loving the colorfulness and individuality (She exudes confidence!) that Solange is bringing to the fashion world and hope that she continues to be an inspiration to black girls everywhere.

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