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Boost Your Energy In 5 Minutes With This Hand Exercise

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Boost Your Energy In 5 Minutes With This Hand Exercise

Boost Your Energy In 5 Minutes With This Hand Exercise

You know what it feels like when you are running on empty. You will do anything to capture a toddler’s energy levels and put them in a bottle. Typical solutions include energy drinks, a sugar fix, or a shot of caffeine. However, those will only offer you a temporary boost before you’re headed for a nosedive. Instead of looking for supplements that give you an artificial increase in energy levels, consider the benefits of the following hand exercises. In as little as five minutes of your time, you’ll have a pick-me-up that will make you feel like the Energizer Bunny.

Boost Your Energy In 5 Minutes With This Hand Exercise

Wipe Away Headaches and Feelings of Anxiety

When a throbbing head is bringing you down, it’s hard to dredge up any enthusiasm and you could find yourself stuck in bed. The same is true when anxiety grabs hold of you, overwhelming you and making you feel exhausted. Target the problem by exercising your thumb. Simply hold on and apply a gentle amount of pressure. In three to five minutes, you should be able to breathe easier as your mind settles and your pain level drops.

Wipe Away Headaches and Feelings of Anxiety

Let Your Pointer Finger Handle Aching Muscles and Frustration

If you’re like most people, you battle aches and pains on a daily basis. This becomes more noticeable after you pass the venerable age of 30. Frustration is a constant companion for many of us as well in a fast-paced world with too many obligations. You’re sure to feel a decrease in your store of energy when these problems are weighing you down. Your index finger can help. Give your pointer finger a massage for a few minutes and point your way to a brighter day.

massage Pointer Finger

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Put Your Middle Finger to Good Use

Instead of using your middle finger to vent your frustrations, battle fatigue and debilitating anger. Put some pressure on your longest finger and you should notice that you’ll begin to relax. You’ll also be able to combat inflammation that can wear you out. Calm yourself with this finger massage.

Middle Finger

Get Control of Your Digestive System and Negative Emotions

When your digestive system acts up, it can throw everything out of whack, and make you feel negative too. It’s hard to hold your chin up when you’re having plumbing problems. Massage your ring finger and you’ll experience a boost in your spirits. Your digestive issues could take a turn for the better as well.

1Massage your ring finger

Experience the Power of a Tiny Package

Don’t overlook the power of the pinky. Take hold of your little finger, wrapping your the fingers from your other hand around it, and apply pressure whenever you have an attack of the nerves, your self-esteem is sinking to your toes, or the stress levels are sky high. Those few minutes can make a world of difference.

little finger massage

The Potential of the Hands is an Ancient Practice

According to the Elephant Journal, tapping into your body’s energy patterns is nothing new. Jin Shin Jyutsu, the ancient art from Japan, has recognized the fingers as a gateway to emotional well-being and an energy booster. Look to ancient China, and you’ll see acupressure has been going strong for thousands of years, using pressure on different points throughout the body, including the fingers, to treat a host of maladies. It’s clear that taking care of yourself truly is in your hands.

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Benefits of OT

When you focus on your hands, you’re actually taking part in occupational therapy, or OT. While references to OT usually pertain to children in school, the benefits apply to you at any age. According to the University of South Carolina, occupational therapy has proven to be effective in addressing a gamut of health conditions, including multiple sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke. It only makes sense that concentrating on your hands can help you on a regular basis. The goal of OT is to give you greater dexterity and mobility. Massaging your fingers is one way of implementing the philosophy as part of your daily routine. Combine ancient philosophies and modern-day therapy to feel better by beginning at your fingertips.

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