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7 Ways To Make Your Spouse Fall In Love With You Again

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7 Ways To Make Your Spouse Fall In Love With You Again

7 Ways To Make Your Spouse Fall In Love With You Again

Many married couples complain that their marriage has lost its early spark. Its a common belief that after marriage its enough to not have any major challenges. In our busy schedules, we often find it hard to make time for our spouse which allows misunderstandings and takes away from romance. Often small things become bigger with time and cause major damage to the marriage.

Every marriage goes through 3 stages:

1. Endearment stage– This is the stage in which couple remain lovey-dovey. They tell each other how much they love them and how flawless they are.
2. Adjustment stage– This is the stage in which problems can arise. Couple often argue and fight in this stage and find each other imperfect and incompatible. Some marriages end in this stage.
3. Commitment stage– In this stage the couple decides to stay committed to their partners. In this stage there are few arguments and couples accept each other with their imperfections.


Here is a list of things you can do to reignite the spark in your marriage:

1. Sometimes couples stop exchanging gifts after marriage. Exchanging gifts that remind you of old days and new goals help you re-live them which brings your spouse closer. It could be anything that reminds you of special moments, your first meeting with your spouse, your first anniversary, a vacation, or the birth of a child.

2. Involving your spouse in important life decisions makes them feel valued. A sense of involvement satisfies self-esteem which promotes a feel-good factor. When you feel good you love more and better.

3. Its important to understand the importance of communication in marriage. Send each other flirtatious messages, but make sure no one else reads them. Keep each other informed of feelings, changes, and if you are going to be late.

4. Most people love being praised. The appreciation is more special when it comes from your spouse. Do not forget to tell your spouse that she looks stunning or he is handsome. Tell each other how much you appreciate their parenting skills, cooking, and providing for the family. Admiring your partner makes them feel loved which strengthens your bond.

5. Doing small things like kissing each other before work or leaving a love note on their pillow makes a big difference. These things do not require much effort and are effective in keeping romance alive.

6. Take time out of your busy schedule and spend it with your spouse. Its important to enjoy time with each other. Find a romantic movie and enjoy it together, go fishing or hiking, or enjoy a candlelit dinner.

7.Try to enjoy each other’s hobbies together, you don’t have to go to every sporting event or concert together, but respect and understand them and try to share their interests.

If your spouse has lost interest in you completely it can be difficult for anything to work but there is no harm in trying.

Getting Your Spouse to Love You Again

By Divya Shree
Edited By Stephanie Dawson

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