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This Woman Achieved Her “Perfect” Body To Prove THIS

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This Woman Achieved Her “Perfect” Body To Prove THIS

This Woman Achieved Her “Perfect” Body To Prove THIS

Have you ever seen a perfect body? Few people have. Perhaps the problem lies in our definition of a perfect body. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. This is especially true for the woman in the video below. Taryn Brumfitt felt insecure in her body. She was overweight, and she did not fit the “ideal” body type for a woman. Determined to do something about it, she entered herself into a body building competition. She then undertook a vigorous training regime to get ready to display her body for the judges.

Woman with perfect body

You might think this is the entire premise. You might think the video documents her struggles with the training and a victory in the bodybuilding competition. Well, you are wrong. This is only the first part of the movie. Taryn does lose the weight. She looks smashing at the competition. However, it is not how she becomes famous. Determined to teach her daughter was true beauty is, Taryn decides to let the body she worked so hard for disappear. That’s right. She posts a before and after picture of herself on the Internet that went viral. It shows her gaining the weight back and displaying her new, curvy body as beautiful.

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Taryn now travels around the world and shares her message of beauty with everyone. She wants women everywhere to be comfortable in their bodies. She wants them to know that all body types are beautiful. To do this, she needs your help! Taryn wants to make a documentary about her experience. She is looking for people to view and share this inspiring video. Afterwards, she hopes people will consider making a small donation to help make the film happen.

Taryn is an inspiration to women everywhere. Watch the video below, and let us know what you think!

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