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Which Characteristics Of A Man Women Find Most Alluring

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Which Characteristics Of A Man Women Find Most Alluring

Which Characteristics Of A Man Women Find Most Alluring

What Do Women Find More Attractive in A Man than His Physical Appearance!
Erase everything you think you know about the female persuasion. If you happen to be a man, better grab pen and paper because you might want to take notes. The qualities women are looking for in men far surpass being a CEO and having tons of cash.

With that said, take a look at the characteristics women find most alluring.

Intelligence Level

An Ivy League education may score you a lucrative paycheck, but it’s only attractive when used in the right way. Women find an intelligent man alluring when they are humble. These men know how to be interesting without being conceited.

Challenge Her

A beautiful woman doesn’t want another corny pickup line. They want a man who engages her mind and leaves her wondering.

Funny Bone

Quick wit makes women swoon. Laughter is the perfect aphrodisiac.

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Passionate Soul

Women are drawn to men who are passionate about life; not only their careers but in every facet of their lives. They live and breathe passion into everything they do.

Physical Attributes

Remember I mentioned there are some things that are out of your control?


Women are more inclined to date men who are on the tall side. Before you run out to buy lifts for your shoes, this isn’t implying shorter men aren’t hot, but women prefer a man who is taller than she is.

The three o’clock shadow

The attractive stubble after you haven’t shaved for a day or two simply drives women wild.

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Your physique

This is one trait you definitely can change. Women tend to prefer guys with an athletic build; well-defined muscles with a slim waist. If you are falling short, it could be time to use that gym membership your mom gave you for Christmas.

Chiseled facial features

Men who have an angular jawline appear more attractive than men with rounder faces. Combined with the two-day stubble, this can attract more women than an open jar of honey in a beehive.

Obviously, physical attraction is a matter of taste, but there’s a certain degree of truth in why women prefer specific types of men. On the upside, there are characteristics and traits that are within your control. Unfortunately, there are others you just need to accept. Best advice? Make the best of what your mamma gave you and be yourself!

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