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6 Things You Should Never Put In The Dryer

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6 Things You Should Never Put In The Dryer

6 Things You Should Never Put In The Dryer


Dryers are great for most items. However, some items are never meant to go in the dryer. When making purchases, always read the care label on the item or on the packaging. If an item requires special handling, save the instructions for future reference. Following the care instructions will prevent damage and make items last longer.

Although this may be common knowledge for many people, let us refresh our housekeeping rules. Here are some items that should never go in the dryer.


The heat and the agitation of the dryer will ruin the elastic and the fabric. Instead, lay swimsuits flat on a towel and let them air dry out of direct sunlight to avoid any fading.

Pantyhose or Tights

Drying pantyhose and tights in the dryer can cause them to shrink and damage the fabric so that they wear out faster. Hanging them to dry can cause them to stretch. Roll them in a towel and squeeze out excess water.

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Rubber-backed Rugs

The rubber non-skid backing will crack and crumble faster if the rug is dried in the dryer. Not only does that make the rug more likely to slip, but also any bits of rubber left in the dryer can cause a dryer fire. So, hang rubber-backed rugs to dry.


Dryers can ruin the elastic and the shape of bras, so drying flat is best. Bras can be hung, but it is better if they are draped over a clothesline or a hanger at the center front to prevent stretching the elastic in the back or straps.

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Items with Embellishments

Air drying embellished items is the best idea. The agitation and the heat from the dryer could damage or loosen embellishments.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are much more expensive than tennis shoes, and anything that damages the support provided by running shoes ruins the shoes. The heat in the dryer can cause the shoes to shrink and crack, and it can loosen glued areas thus ruining the shoes. So, drying tennis shoes in the dryer may be an option because they are less expensive to replace, but it is not a good idea for running shoes. To dry running shoes, take out the removable inner soles and stuff the shoes with crumbled newspaper. Change the newspaper as needed until the shoes are dry.

Share Your Dryer Stories and Tips

Have you put something in the dryer only to find that it was ruined? Tell us your stories.

Share any other items that you have learned should not be put in the dryer.

Share any tips you have on drying items that could be ruined in the dryer.

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