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If Your Partner Does These 10 Things, He’s Definitely Insecure

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If Your Partner Does These 10 Things, He's Definitely Insecure

If Your Partner Does These 10 Things, He’s Definitely Insecure

Men know that women desire confidence in a partner, so it can be a tough balancing act trying to remain cool while hiding any nagging insecurities. Often times, trying to mask insecurity leads to overcompensation, which women easily pick up on. There are also other behaviors that indicate insecurity that you may not even be aware of.

If Your Partner Does These 10 Things, He's Definitely Insecure

Here are 10 ways women know you’re insecure:

1. Ask About Dating History
It’s fine to want to know about a person past, but wanting to know her complete dating history or information about who she’s dated is hinting at your own insecurity. Deep down you want to make sure that you’re living up to all her v and worried that someone who came before you outperformed you in some area.

2. Poor Posture
When people are feeling insecure or unsure about a situation, they’ll sink away a little bit by slouching. People immediately recognize the way a person carries themselves, so keep your posture in check if you want to appear sure of yourself.

3.Don’t Want Her Going Out
Everyone needs a social life outside their relationship, and unless you’re genuinely worried about her safety, you should be fine with her going out with her friends from time to time. If you’re worried that time with her friends might pull her away from you, or that she might be flirting with other guys, then you want to ask yourself why you feel that way.

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4.Obsess About Her Ex
Being too wrapped up over someone’s ex-shows you’re feeling insecure about how you measure up to them. If it’s a part of her past then there’s no reason to keep comparing yourself to someone who is out of the picture.

5.General Lack of Trust
If you have to question everything she does, then there’s probably some insecurity keeping you from fully trusting her, and she’s sure to pick up on it. If she’s been dishonest, that’s one thing, but otherwise you’re showing you don’t feel like you’re worth someone being loyal to you.

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6. Putting Down Other People
If you spend a lot of time comparing yourself to others and diminishing them, all it does is a point to your own insecurity. Being positive towards other people indicates you feel confident about your own abilities.

7. Withholding Compliments
By being unwilling to compliment others, or withholding compliments from women you’re dating is a sign that you don’t want anyone to “outshine” you, in fear that you’ll look less impressive in comparison. Confident people have no problems giving compliments and encouraging others.

8. Brag About Your Accomplishments and Possessions
If you drive a nice car or wear expensive clothes, you don’t need to bring more attention to those things by actually talking about them – don’t worry, she’ll notice. It’s far more romantic to act humble when speaking about accomplishments rather than coming off as someone who needs to brag in order to boost their ego.

9. Little Eye Contact
Unable to maintain or avoiding eye contact will clearly indicate to a woman that you lack confidence. If you’re newly dating, she will want to make lots of eye contact to show and gauge interest, so being able to meet her gaze is crucial.

10. Seeking Validation
Those who are confident don’t need continuous reassurance, but if you’re constantly searching for compliments and needing her validation than she’s going to think you don’t have a very high opinion of yourself on your own.

Not all of use are comfortable in our own skin at all times, but thankfully insecurity can be overcome. The first step is recognizing it in yourself and then you can start taking a personal inventory. Try identifying any of these behaviors in yourself and working to improve on them.

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