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Pain Relief Method Is As Simple As Putting A Clothespin On Your Ear

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Pain Relief Method Is As Simple As Putting A Clothespin On Your Ear

This Lady Put Clothespin On Her Ear, See What Happened After

Self-administered clothespin acupuncture may not seem like a convention way to alleviate various pains in your body, however, it is a highly effective and affordable home remedy that is quickly growing in popularity. Your ears have a number of pressure points whose nerves endings are directly connected to your central nervous system. By strategically putting a clothespin on your ear, you can provide significant relief for everyday body annoyances. Keep in mind that the level of effectiveness will vary from one person to the next.

Ear points

Ear reflexology origins can be found thousands of years ago in ancient Chinese acupuncture methodologies and perhaps even earlier in Egyptian practices. The following are a few basic points to help you relieve pain naturally:

1. Place a clothespin on the very top portion of your ear to provide a tremendous release in your back and shoulders.

2. The next section just below the top portion is an ideal place for a clothespin when you have mild organ discomfort. If something becomes more than a slight discomfort, you should seek medical attention.

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3. For joint relief, place a clothespin on the upper-middle section of the ear.

4. Skip over the exact middle and place a pin on the lower-middle section for natural assistance in clearing sinus and throat issues.

5. Place a pin on the upper-bottom section of the ear, just above the earlobe, for aid in digestion and to soothe any minor upset stomach concerns.

6. If you wish for some relief in your head or your heart concerning pressure or tension, place a clothespin on your earlobe. Obviously, this is only effective for minor issues and you should immediately consult a doctor for chest pain.

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You do not have to keep the pins on any longer than a few minutes at a time, however, you should apply them several times a day as needed. You might receive some odd looks from people in the office, by fellow commuters, or your dog; however, the results will be worth it. And, keep in mind that you should always seek professional medical advice for any issue of concern.

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