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7 Signs You’re On the Way to Being Dumped

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7 Signs You're On the Way to Being Dumped

7 Signs You’re On the Way to Being Dumped

It can be hurtful when you get dumped, but don’t you think it is completely t your hands to drive the car of your emotions? It’s better to accept the truth and thank the heavens that you came out of the trap and now you are free because the one who just dumped you didn’t love you. Here are some of the signs that your partner is going to dump you:erc

7 Signs You're On the Way to Being Dumped

Reduction in phone calls
When you first enter a relationship you are almost always on the phone talking to your partner when you are not together. The frequency of phone calls decreases over time with familiarity and feeling secure in the relationship, but if you are only getting 1-2 calls a week he/she might be trying to avoid you. You can try to discover the reason, but if there is no valid reason, it is probably the end!

Needing space
The most obvious sign is not wanting to spend time together. He/she demands space and does not like your presence. There is no doubt that personal space is important, but a failure to make time for your relationship is a bad signal. Try giving space without giving up the relationship, you can make your presence felt by sporadic texts or cards.If things don’t come around reconsider what you are fighting to keep.

Lack of Closeness
Often men don’t like to share their problems and they stay stressed, which can make their partner doubt the relationship which, in turn affects their love- life. If your partner doesn’t seem interested in having love-love talk about it, maybe it’s not you. If it is you that is a good sign the relationship is ending.

They hide their electronic gadgets or change passwords
If your partner snatches their phone away when you try to touch it, making some excuse about an important call he/she might be trying to hide something. There could be messages, calls, or pictures they are trying to hide from you. If you notice suspicious behavior or phone calls, like leaving the room to answer the phone, you are probably on the way out.

Regular criticism
There may be some issues or differences between you, but when lots of little things become issues for your partner and they criticize you for it, they are emotionally removing themselves from the relationship.h.

No future
When we are in a relationship we often discuss the future and make plans, if your partner changes the topic when you start talking about the future he/she is probably trying to avoid the subject. They do not see a future with you and are planning to dump you sooner or later.

No date nights
Do you remember the last time you two went out on a date? If it’s been a long time then what you are thinking of? Have you made a move to change it? If you did and failed this could be a red flag. Is it lack of time or lack of interest? Learn to differentiate and accept the reality. Soon your relationship is going to end. Be aware you deserve to be loved and respected, don’t settle.

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