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Grow Hair Twice As Fast With This Recipe

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Grow Hair Twice As Fast With This Recipe

Grow Hair Twice As Fast With This Recipe

Baldness can affect men and women of any age, ethnicity, or background. While in men the thinning spots tend to concentrate in one area or create the classic receding hair line and baldness at the crown, women typically experience an even balding pattern that spans the entire scalp.

There are other individuals that experience hair loss at some point in their lives as well, such as cancer survivors and burn victims.

While this recipe will not work for everybody just as no treatment will garnish identical results in different patients this unique and natural remedy blend of onion juice and honey may just prove more efficient for you than top brand medications by making your hair grow back twice as fast!

Before we get into the recipe itself, it is good to know that:


Because onions contain sulfur which is known to encourage hair growth-onion juice has shown great potential for generating hair re-growth and speeding up the growth process. The juice also has a positive impact on blood circulation, which is well known for preventing hair follicles from falling out.


According to dermatologists, there are no known side effects or cons to using this natural alternative therapy treatment.

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  • An onion
  • 1 teaspoon of honey


Juice the onion in a juicer, making approximately 1/4 cup. Next, add 1-2 teaspoons of raw honey. Mix well before applying the fine mixture to your hair. You can choose to either cover your entire head of hair or just the spots where thinning has occurred. Massage lightly into the scalp and roots. The length of time you should leave it on varies slightly between sources. According to some, the concoction should be left on for an unspecified amount of time and performed at least once per week and up to 3 times. Others say the directions advise using this mixture nightly for best results. It would be a plausible deduction after comparing these 2 sources that using the onion juice and honey combination every night should not produce any undesired side effects and, therefore, is perfectly suitable.

Just like with any medication, whether it be natural or prescribed, all results will not be the same. While this natural remedy may not help some, for others it may create results that surpassed their expectations. Considering there are no known side effects and according to www.organicfacts.net, this mix of onion juice and honey can also help dandruff, there really is nothing to lose by giving it a chance. By keeping your mind open to new possibilities, you could discover an entirely new way of healing many ailments!

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