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When Is The Best Time to Make Love With The New Man You’ve Been Dating

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When Is The Best Time to Make Love With The New Man You've Been Dating

When Is The Best Time to Make Love With The New Man You’ve Been Dating

We’ve all been there: That moment when the first date is going better than you could have imagined with a person you are super attracted to. The hormones are raging. You know if you have one more moment to think about it, you’ll be trotting off to bed with this superstar of a date.

It may feel good in the moment to go for it – and who doesn’t want to have a little fun? – but the reality is that jumping into bed too quickly can really cost your future relationship. Follow these quick relationship advice tips for finding lasting love and tempering those feelings of intense like with our guide for staying vertical for your own good:

When Is The Best Time to Make Love With The New Man You've Been Dating

Tip #1: Determine Emotional Compatibility First

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Before things get too heated under the sheets, you need to determine whether the two of you can get along. It’s easy to do what feels good in the moment and to get wrapped up in the passion, but the bottom line is that you want to be with someone that you can stand being in the room with when you’re not horizontal. The best part about figuring out that you and your partner have emotional compatibility? Even better bedroom experiences!

Tip #2: The Outfall of Getting Physical Too Quickly

What naturally leads after a romantic relationship develops is cohabitation or marriage. But researchers have found that cohabitating couples actually fare off worse than their married peers because things like finances, pregnancy and continued desire tend to lead these couples in to living together without the couples taking the time needed to figure out whether they truly are happy or good for one another. Having physical contact too early in the relationship means that couples may be more at risk for eventually cohabitation, which in the end could be worse in terms of the relationship lasting.

Tip #3: Form Friendships

If your relationship is stable either naturally or through relationship conseling, then you may want to consider introducing your partner to close friends and family members. By having other involved in your relationship, you are strengthening your relationship and you are getting advice and support along the way. In the end, this only strengthens your resolve to continue being a good partner and growing in your relationship. And, if it’s meant to be – meaning if you are good for one another and truly compatible — then having a community around you will only support those feelings of love and make the time you spend together in the bedroom even more romantic and meaningful. You’ll know it is an experience that is building on something greater.

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