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If You Have a Weak Immune System, Make Sure to Add These to Your Drinks!

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If You Have a Weak Immune System, Make Sure to Add These to Your Drinks!

If You Have a Weak Immune System, Make Sure to Add These to Your Drinks!

Have you ever wondered how your body fights off diseases and infections? The answer is: your immune system. There are immune cells that travel throughout your body in order to protect you from the germs that cause infections and various diseases.Think of your body as a castle, and the armies that you need protection from include bacteria, parasites, and viruses. When these things try to invade your castle, they are trying to get a hold of the resources that you have stored. In the process of trying to acquire those resources, these viruses, parasites, and bacteria can hurt you in the process. Your immune system protects the castle by getting them out, or killing those germs that do not make it into the castle.

What You Should Add to Your Drinks to Improve Immune System


Honey has more benefits than tasting great; it is also a powerful immune system booster. The anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties in honey help it fight off disease, and it can keep you healthy. It is best to start each morning off with honey, also known as a cleansing toxic. You can keep sore throats, colds, and bad coughs at bay when you drink honey. For better results, you should mix honey with lemon and warm water; drink this each morning for breakfast, or sometime throughout the day.


It is true that drinking lemon water can help bolster your immune system. Lemons help aid your immune system by strengthening the blood capillaries, as well as the cell membranes. When lemons are consumed with iron rich beverages, they can help your body absorb iron. In order to fight the flu and a cold, lemon oil is extracted from lemon peels and used as a decongestant.

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Sesame Paste

Consuming sesame paste helps you build a strong immune system due to the various disease-fighting phytonutrients that it is made of. When you mix a warm cup of water with honey and sesame paste, your body receives the ingredients that help it fight against many serious diseases. Doctors often recommend sesame paste to individuals who have a weak immune system.

In order for your immune system to continue protecting you against germs and substances, you will need to make sure you eat and drink the right things in order to boost or grow your immune system. Failing to do so will leave your body vulnerable to countless infections and diseases, including diabetes type 1, cancer, arthritis, inflammatory disease, lupus, and more. To learn more about your immune system, and how honey or other ingredients can help, click on the links provided below.

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